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Soprano's Actress, Amanda Hayes Fed Her Hubbys Ex to the Alligators

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Death in the Details

The Woman Condemned is offering an exciting new perk for the month of August. I will be interviewing a prominent professional in the true crime world. Or rather, you will.

Patrons of The Woman Condemned will be able to ask the interviewee questions and direct the interview. The final interview will be posted on the Patreon page first. In September the rest of Woman Condemned's readers will get access to it on the blog!

Stay tuned for details on the first guest so you can get your questions answered. This is a great opportunity to ask about things you have always wanted to know in the criminal justice world.

We will be interviewing a variety of professionals and criminals to get answers from every angle.
I hope you are as excited as I am about this new development. Put your investigator hats on. This is gonna be fun!

As always, a great big THANK YOU to Neva!

Homeless Woman Arrested in 20-Year Cold Case Murder

A 47-year-old woman living in a homeless shelter in Jackson, Mississippi has been arrested for a murder that took place in Alabama 28 years ago. Jamie Kellam Letson is being held on $500,000 bond in Mobile for the February 1980 shooting death of her longtime friend Katherine Foster, a student at the University of South Alabama when she was killed.
Letson, who was 19 at the time, and the 18-year-old Katherine Foster were friends who grew up together in Pascagoula, Mississippi. On Feb. 23, 1980, Foster was a freshman at South Alabama in Mobile. When Foster went missing, a group of 50 volunteer students searched two days for her near the university and she was found in a wooded area near the campus.
No Signs of Assault When she was found, there were few signs of foul play, except for the two bullet holes in her head and the blood underneath her hair. Investigators said her makeup was on, her hair brushed and her clothes neat and clean. There were no bruises on her body or any indication…

Teresa Stone and Brother Love Made Love and Murder in Missouri

I was in Missouri last week filming an episode of Killer Affair to air on the OWN network. We discussed the case of Teresa Stone and her pastor Brother Love and their affair. It ended in the murder of Randy Stone, Teresa's husband. Teresa is now out of prison but Brother Love is still in with a life sentence. He had also planned to kill his own wife later.

I had a wonderful time other than my phone being stolen at BNA Nashville and throwing me into a PTSD situation. I couldn't find my car to the hotel and got lost in Kansas City. The absolute worst fear I always have every single time I head out on these trips finally happened to me.

People were so, so rude to me. NOTHING LIKE NASHVILLE. Everyone is nice in Nashville. I had a bad experience with the desk people at the very swanky K.C. hotel they put me up in. She was more interested in waiting on the drunk dudes at the next desk than a old lady in distress. I got a feeling I'll be writing about her one day.

The filming exp…

Appeal for Donna Roberts Resumes - only woman on Ohio’s Death Row

Staff report from The Vindicator WARREN The complicated appeals history of Donna Roberts of Howland, 75, the only woman on Ohio’s death row, has resumed with a filing this week in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court asking for a new trial, a new sentencing hearing or for her conviction to be erased. Roberts and Nathaniel Jackson were both convicted in the 2001 murder of Roberts’ husband, Robert Fingerhut, in their Howland home. Roberts helped plan the murder in a series of letters and phone calls while Jackson was in prison on an unrelated case, and Jackson carried out the murder after being released from prison, prosecutors said. Roberts filed an amended petition in 2015 arguing the jury and grand jury pools in her case were underrepresented by black people. Roberts is white. Jackson is black. The petition also argued her attorneys were ineffective during her trial. The reason these arguments to Judge Ronald Rice of common pleas court are being renewed now is that Roberts filed…

Catherine Goins Murdered for a New Born

I had six kids. I was a rural mom with limited funds in my early days and even so, I have trouble relating to these stories of moms meeting up with complete strangers to get baby clothes or swings or cribs. They end up murdered by crazy women who can't have children. Or crazy women who want someone elses kid. This weird phenomenon is even more prevelent today, but still you hear about women doing this. Don't do this pregnant readers. Do not meet total strangers in the hopes of a good deal. Just go to Good Will or Dollar General. Try yard sales. If you must try your luck, take someone with you. Don't make it easy to become a victim.

Catherine Goins was living a lie. She had told people she was pregnant but wasn't. It was getting close to time to fess up or come up with a newborn. Something happens to the minds of these women who pull this stunt. The women who claim to be pregnant but are not just to keep a man or to hold together some fantasy life are suffering from so…

One of Our Own

Please extend your good thoughts and prayers to Neva, a Patron of The Woman Condemned. Her mother passed away this morning. Neva continues to support this blog and the wrongly condemned despite all she has recently endured.
Our hearts are with you.