Please keep in mind that this blog often has comments and statements directly from the women on death row. Statements of grief, statements of innocence, statements of regret and sorrow. If bearing audience to these women's feelings, my opinions or those of commenters offends you please do not read on.

Kelly's Obscure Prison Observation of the Day

I offer every woman I write to a free book every quarter. I always choose three, a nonfiction book, a fiction and something technical like a how to or something similar. I print them a handout that has the available books and a description. This quarter one of the books was about hair braiding and had 25 different styles. Usually they choose an assortment, a few go with the popular fiction, some with a book on some historic figure. This time, however, every, single one wanted the book on braids.

I was really surprised. I don't think that's ever happened in all the years I have been doing this. I got curious and went back through the files to see how many had long hair. Only about half of the women I write to have hair long enough to braid. Curious, I asked the next one of them who called. Apparently, knowing how to do some really painstakingly elaborate braids is a lucrative business venture in women's prison.

This fascinated me to no end so I started thinking of articles I could write about the underground industries of women's prisons and how some of these women have skills and aptitudes for business that the world can take advantage of. There is something to salvage here. Something not only beautiful but profitable and economical.

My wheels are turning...

Trying to help these death row women is no piece of cake. You often get shit on in return for your hard work and dollars spent. You get your feelings hurt a lot too.

Cynthia Coffman had her attorney send me a letter saying that she knew since I was a friend I would gleefully remove her from this blog.

I really liked her too, but some nitwit that reads this blog wrote to her and told her I was selling her letters online. A complete fabrication but what can I do? She doesn't believe me. Forgive me if I don't understand, but how is taking her off the one website that is in support of her and leaving up the shit hole sites that revel in her crimes going to help at all?
Go figure.

Then there is Michelle Tharp. Another nitwit who frequents the women of death row support group I belong to and who fancies himself some kind of super hero to Michelle has written to her and told her her letters are on the site. They are not and have not been. I did write the short ebook "Bitches" about her and the other girls in PA, harassment.
She also tells me how evil I am and how I'm going cause someone to be executed. Huh?
I'm at my wits end with that girl. I'm handing her over to the super hero and hoping they have a long and productive life together.

The one thing that keeps me going is people like Sister Kathleen who once gave me some good advice. She has done some amazing work with these girls and has also been on the cutting edge of some of them. She explained to me that the world they live in is something that I will never, ever understand. Things that never give us a second thought may be the living end to them. So in that respect I can relate to Michelle but she annoys the hair off my ass and Im done with her.
I will send her the newsletter and free books and resources but the cordial letter writing is over. Thank God.

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Heather Leavell-Keaton Fed her Tiny Step-children Antifreeze and Dumped Them in the Woods

Heather Leavell-Keaton is an Alabama woman, the first from Mobile County, who was sentenced to death in August of 2015, for the murder, torture and abuse of the corpses of her two step-children in 2010.  The children's father, John DeBlase, received the same sentence.

By her own admission we know she was hardily covetous of the two children, Natalie, 5 and Chase, 3. Natalie was a particular thorn in her side because of the way family members treated her. She was loved by her extended family and they showed it. Heather hated how Natalie was treated like a princess while she was ignored.

The couple spent months, perhaps years abusing and torturing the kids. Burning them with cigarettes, binding them with duct tape and shoving them in suitcases, closets and crawl spaces for 10 - 12 hours at a time. They also bound them to broom handles and forced them to stand in a corner of the room for hour upon hour.

Authorities believe Heather killed both children. She has experimented with antifreeze on a dog until it died. She started to put antifreeze n the kids food regularly but when it failed to work she took more drastic measures.

After spending more than 10 hours duct taped in a suitcase, Natalie was removed and strangled to death. Her tiny body was dumped partially clothed in a remote area. Several months later they realized that Chase was becoming a serious liability. He would cry and ask about his sisters whereabouts. It was when he began to do it in public that they killed him too. Police have said he was tied to a broomstick for several hours before being strangled and dumped deep in the woods wearing only a diaper.

Heather admitted to an inmate that she had done all of the killing but her boyfriend was all for it. I take this information with a grain of salt. We all know what can happen when inmate testimony is part of the prosecution. It's unreliable, it's often fabricated either by the police or the inmate, and it is always questionable.

They both received a death sentence in August of 2015 for the 2010 murders. The children's mother, Corrine Heathcock DeBlase survives them. Heather admitted to the murders. Her defense was only to achieve a life sentence, she offered no excuses for her murderous acts. Her attorney's have said she has devoted her life to her Lord and spends her time alone, studying religion. John is still denying his guilt.

The Murder Victims No One Cares About

There are victims of serial killers and atrocious murderers whom no one cares about. Their names are known. Their connections apparent, their pain obvious, and yet the public at large still ignores them and many even point fingers and gossip. These victims rarely matter to anyone but each other. They are the killer’s family and friends.

The family and loved ones of convicted killers are treated with extreme disrespect in most cases and even abused physically, emotionally and mentally (including cyberbullying) and no one cares. No one does anything about it. I scoured the Internet for hours and found only a handful of articles and videos on the subject. The family members of killers go through an immense pain not unlike the death of a child or loved one. If the death penalty is on the table, the loss of a child is no different for them than other parents. They are left with feelings of horror, grief, denial, outrage, misery and confusion with no one to turn to but each other. Why is their pain any less significant?

Can you imagine how Isaac Zamora’s mother must feel? He is a delusional spree killer from Washington who killed several innocent people, including women and cops. His neighbors, people he liked. Isaac suffers from severe Schizophrenia. For years his mother begged for help. She committed him, she monitored him, she told his doctors of his violent, abusive and unusual behavior. Nothing was done. Or not enough was done. She feels the grief of each person her son killed and the grief of losing him twice. She lost him to mental illness and to murder. Her agony is doubled, tripled that of other involved in the case as she bears it from all directions. No outpouring of public empathy ours her way. She is threatened. She must always be careful and fears for her life at times.

My decades long friendship with Skott Hale, a man I was with almost daily, killed and ate the heart of a woman in 2014. He texted me while it was happening but I was so used to his crazy antics I let it go and assumed he was drunk. He wasn't.  I was threatened and attacked. My young daughters threatened with rape and murder. Skott's mom, dad and son were terrified of the hate the town was bubbling over with at their family. 

Think also of the families of the Columbine shootings. Those family members had to practically go into hiding. They did nothing wrong. They were abusive or extremists of any sort.

Victim’s assistance programs aren’t offered to the killer’s family.  They are left alone to cope. The public rarely recognizes them positively. An article on CNN states; “In the aftermath of a massacre, questions and criticism are frequently directed at the parents, spouses and children of the accused. The public sometimes sympathizes, often criticizes and even goes so far as to blame family members for the actions of their kin.”

What the hell is going on here?

Many people may point to the fact that it is always close family members who provide the weapons, as in the case of school shooter Adam Lanza, whose mother financed his arsenal. That argument makes no sense, however, when faced with quotes like this about killers;

 “The more psychopathic they are, the better they are about hiding it.” from violence expert, Sandra Brown.

Professional psychologists the world over tell us people are hardwired to believe and protect their kin, even when it comes to facing hard evidence. The human mind still wants to find a solution for the one we love. People must realize that there will always be someone, somewhere who loves that heinous murderer and should not be punished for that.

Experts agree that killer’s families are victims as well. A USA Today article on the subject stated: When young people turn violent, we naturally turn to parenting to explain what went wrong, even though research suggests that hidden, often undiagnosed mental health problems — as well as perpetrators' relationships with peers, teachers and others — can play a much bigger role.

Tragedy Compounded: Killers Parents Become Instant Pariahs
Killers Families Left to Confront Fear and Shame

Live! With Kelly & Michael on ABC

Live! With Kelly & Michael
I was shocked to find a few very loving people in my life have nominated me in this wonderfully charitable contest. The winner receives a 10,000 donation to the charity of their choice.

My choice would be Aid to Inmate Mothers, a charity that helps the young children of incarcerated moms. It lessens the chances of mental scarring and gives a chance at success to those most likely to end up in the dregs humanity. Statistics have shown us how kids turn out when their parents were incarcerated throughout their childhood and formative years.

If you have just a few seconds, or if I have ever helped your loved ones or helped you see a different side of the death penalty debate, Click here and give me a little nomination. :)

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