La Donna Curry and Audreianna McNeil Illinois

La Donna Curry and Audreianna McNeil are in some deep shit. La Donna was involved with the popular Chicago party promoter, John "Fuzzy" Atkins and after realizing how much he was worth, talked her buddy Audreianna into coming up with a plan to kill him.

"Fuzzy," was a popular club promoter who hosted parties at trendy nightclubs for celebrities, including comedian Kevin Hart, Floyd Mayweather and singer Chris Brown. He also made guest appearances on Chicago radio WPWX Power 92 to promote his shows.

La Donna and Audreianna met Fuzzy at Club Adrianna on a Friday night in 2013, afterwich they convinced him to go with them to a house to party. Once they arrived there, two men the girls had hidden in the back of the house emerged. The two women left Fuzzy there where he was tied up, robbed and shot.

The two pair met up later at Fuzzy's house and burned his ID and cards in his wallet. They drove his car to a vacant lot and set it on fire.


Joliet, Ill Double Murder by Two Young Couples

In quiet suburban Chicago, Joliet, Illinois, another grisly murder scene perpetrated by four very young adults occurred in 2013.  These types of murderous situations always freak us out so bad because we are aghast at the ages of the suspects.

Young people who murder trip us out because we all have that belief that the young are innocent and sweet; our future. Then we remember evil comes from somewhere, it doesn't just spring up from the soul like a pop tart.

Alisa Massaro, 18; Bethany McKee, 18; Adam Landerman, 19 (son of a Joliet police sergeant) and Joshua Miner, 24, were the Joliet party crew and they were out of cigarettes, which is never a good thing if you're the party crew. They cook up a scheme to lure and rob people to keep their party going. Those somebodies turned out to be two 22-year-old males, Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins.

The victims and suspects were friends. They came to the house on the 1100 block of North Hickory Street to drink, smoke, play video games and party but instead were strangled and robbed.

After the murders McKee and Miner had sex atop the dead boys' bodies and played video games before going with the others to put gas in McKee's car and buy cigarettes and party supplies.

KcKee has been found guilty. McKee's sentencing date has been set for Oct. 16. Joshua Miner is to go on trial for the murders on Sept. 22. A trial date for suspect Adam Landerman, 21, of Joliet, has not been set.

Alisa Massaro, 20, pleaded guilty to charges of robbery and concealing a homicide in exchange for a 10-year prison term and her agreement to testify against McKee, Miner and Landerman.


Virginia Butler & Tracy Gomez California

Two women caught on camera have been charged in the beating death of an elderly man as he waited for a train in Los Angelos. Virginia Marie Butler and Tracy Joy Gomez are accused of tragically beating  65-year-old John Whitmore as he waited for a Blue Line train. He died at the hospital a week later, after receiving severe injuries from the attack.

Prosecutors say the two women approached Mr. Whitmore and began beating him with their hands and feet, using brass knuckles on June 13 and left the scene after he fell to the ground. No motive has been declared and the investigation is ongoing. Gomez has a second degree robbery conviction from 2009 that will play a part in her charges. 

Both women have pleaded not-guilty and remain in custody with million dollar bonds. If found guilty, they could receive life without the possibility of parole.