Jordyn Jones Killed her BFF Because She Wouldnt Have Kinky Sex


This case is just getting started and all the motives are not out, so we can only assume why Jordyn Jones killed her best friend, 21-year-old, Alexis Crawford.

Alexis went missing from her off-campus home at Clark Atlanta University on October 30th. Her family never heard from her again and by the next day police were called and there was an active missing person's report on her.

When police questioned roommate Jordyn Jones, she said she last saw Alexis around midnight when she went to bed. She had taken her to the liquor store earlier, where the surveillance camera shots of her last moments on earth were taken. She wasn't there when Jordyn awoke the next morning, but her car keys and phone charger were. The door was dead-bolted from the inside.

Jordyn and Alexis were friends, or so the Crawford family thought. Alexis had been to their home on Thanksgiving and Easter. She interacted with Crawford's siblings and parents. They did not expect her to be involved in any way.

Two days before her murder, Alexis filed a police report against Barron Brantley, who it turns out, is Jordyn Jones' boyfriend. She told police Barron tried to kiss her and rub on her and when she told him to stop he said he thought she was Jordyn. When she tried to go into her bedroom, he followed. She went into her bathroom alone and closed the door but that is all she remembers. Hmmmm....

Jordan says she went looking for Alexis later and found the bathroom door closed. When she knocked on the door Barron answered without a shirt. He denied having sex with Alexis but Jordyn states her clothes were off and she was passed out on the bathroom floor.

After she went missing, the whole community began searching for her and a vigil was held on campus.

It didn't take long for the police to find Barron and arrest him. He showed them where Alexis's body was and implicated Jordyn, who remained on the loose for a few days. Barron has a preliminary hearing scheduled before a Fulton Superior Court judge on Nov. 22. He is accused of murder along with three probation violations and "hindering person making emergency telephone call," according to information from the Fulton County Jail.

Jordyn was eventually arrested the following Saturday. She is charged with malice murder.

This thing is just getting started ladies and gents. What are your theories? I'm going to say that Barron was scared Alexis was about to put him in jail. The nes reports are really sketchy about what's going on here. Why would Jordyn and Alexis still be pals after Jordyn's boyfriend had possibly raped her? Did Jordyn want her to like Barron and want to turn their apartment into some weird threesome paradise?

Autopsy results say she was asphyxiated. Did they strangle her together? He is charged with hindering a 911 call. Whose call? If it was Jordyn trying to call the police, why is she charged with murder and not with disposing or mutilating a dead body?

There is also a plethora of info out there about Barron. It does seem that he is a bit of an asshole.

We will have to keep out eyes on this one. It's gonna be a doozie.

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Borowski’s Gacy Film Poster
CHICAGO, IL – October 30, 2019

(Waterfront Productions) – Chicago native filmmaker, John Borowski, (H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer) has just released the poster art for his next feature documentary film titled The John Wayne Gacy Murders: Life and Death in Chicago.
“Artist Claudio Bergamin vastly exceeded my expectations for the artwork. My jaw dropped at each step of the process as Claudio unveiled his designs for the poster to me.” Borowski stated. When attending a recent Horror Hound Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, Borowski met Bergamin and felt his style would fit perfectly for the Gacy film poster. “I always appreciated classic movie poster artwork and Claudio’s work reminded me of the beautiful classic film posters created by artists.” Borowski stated.
An online fundraiser is currently running throughout the duration of the production of the film and has successfully met each month’s goal so far: gofundme/borowskifilms.
“Claudio is a classy guy and a true professional along every step of the way. He was a pure pleasure to collaborate with.” Borowski stated.

Artist Website: claudiobergamin.com  Filmmaker Website: johnborowski.com


Janiecia Briggs Shot a Woman After a Bar Fight

Janiecia when first arrested
I received a letter from Ms. Janiecia Briggs in September. I am not familiar with her and didn't reach out to her, so I was curious. Noticing her return address was from Homestead Correctional Institute, I did assume she got my info from Morgan Smith, "The Sex Slave Murderess". Not sure though.

Janiecia was 23 in March 2015 when she went out for the night with some friends, including Curtia Reed, to the Elks Pride of St. Lucie No. 1189 in the 2400 block of Avenue M in Fort Pierce, Florida. An argument between a group of girls and the crew Janiecia and Curtia were with broke out, and they were all thrown out of the bar.

According to the two news reports I could scavenge up, Janiecia and Curtia pull up in front of the car full of the other girls and opened fire. Tonya Oliver was sitting in the passenger seat. She was shot in the head and although she survived, she was never the same and eventually died years later.

Bobby McMillan, who was in the car with Janiecia and Curtia Reed and was dating Reed, testified that Reed stopped her car in front of the parked car in which Oliver was in the front passenger seat. He said Reed and Briggs began firing through the side windows of Reed's car into the windshield of the other car.

They were arrested 3 days later. Janiecia received 45 years in prison. Mrs. Oliver died while she was serving her time or she would have been charged with life.

Her letter was very sad. She does have remorse but she has a very different story than what I could find online. I wrote her back and asked her a few questions that I hope she answers.

Make sure to watch the video to see how she explains her crimes.
Curtia Reed today

Janiecia today

Green River Killer Correspondence


Alissa Bickett Brutally Murdered Her Mother-in-Law

Alissa, her husband Drake, and their roommate Annie Rael, stopped paying rent in the home they were renting from Drake's mom, 65-year-old Marilyn Gandert. After 6 months of nonpayment, she had them legally evicted. Three days later they killed her.

I found Alissa's LinkedIn profile and her Facebook profile.

Deputies discovered Gandert's badly burned body on a secluded road in Sandoval County. An autopsy showed she had been beaten and stabbed. Albuquerque Police believe Alissa and Annie beat and stabbed Gandert to death in January 2018 before taking her body to the mesa west of Rio Rancho and setting it on fire.

Mrs. Gandert was a well-known and loved mail carrier. When she had been MIA for two days, her brother filed a missing person report. Police obtained a search warrant for the home the three shared together and Rael's truck where they found blood evidence.

Bickett pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. She also pleaded to two counts of tampering with evidence. Annie Rael, Bickett's roommate at the time, received a sentence of 12 years in a plea deal.


Mean Nadine Smith - The Helicopter Mom

Let’s take a break from the current bad girls we usually cover and instead discuss an older case, that of the previously executed Mean Nadine, a nickname Lois Nadine Smith picked up in high school. Hm.

 I believe Lois was one of those Helicopter Moms, if I had to guess. She was wildly protective of her son, James Gregory Smith, 18 years old. An ex-girlfriend of his, Cindy Bailee, had been giving him some trouble.

Lois and Greg, as her son was known, had heard through the grapevine that Cindy was planning on narcing Greg out to the cops for some drug deals she knew about. They also thought she was trying to have Greg killed and had been asking around for a hitman.

So, the two of them garnered the help of another woman and set out to kill Cindy on the 4th of July 1982. I don’t now how they talked her into it, but they picked her up at a hotel in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. Once they had her in the car, they started questioning her about the rumors. She denied them all, but Lois stabbed her in the throat.

They took her to the home of Nadine’s ex-husband where they tortured her for hours. Nadine taunted the bleeding woman and shot her several times in her extremities. Greg reloaded her gun when she ran out of bullets. Finally, Lois killed her. Autopsy results showed nine bullets in her.

There is surprisingly little online about how this investigation went down. Greg was only 18 but he got a life sentence and was released in 2009. Strange but true. Lois got the death penalty and was executed in 2001.

Greg got in a fight in 2013 and stabbed the dude. I don’t know what kind of time, if any, he got out of that.

I was surprised to realize while researching this today that I have had contact with the last seven women executed in the United States. I have spoken to, met with, or exchanged letters with Aileen Wuornos, Frances Newton, Teresa Lewis, Kim McCarthy, Sue Basso, Lisa Coleman, and Kelly Gissendaner.  What a strange thought.