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Kelly Gissendaner's execution has been delayed once again. This time because they thought the deadly drugs looked cloudy. (Cant use those, they might kill her!). Her defense is also waiting for an answer from the Supreme Court. Perhaps they will halt her murder. We shall see...

Diane Sawyer's 20/20 report this week featured Tiffany Cole and Amelia Carr, both of whom have contributed to The Woman Condemned. It filled my heart with joy to see that they have each other and their spirits are not broken. Tiffany was duped into the crime she was part of by a man she'd only known 3 weeks and was afraid of. Neither of these women should be on death row, but instead, given a life sentence.

I am busily working on a contest for this blog. I have considered this for a while but we have more steady readers than ever before, many of whom email me privately on a regular basis so the time has come. I enjoy each of you so much, and appreciate all my readers and would like to offer a contest or game to give away something. Its in the works so keep your eyes peeled and shoot me an email if you have an idea (admin@thewomancondmened.com).

If you have a book club or writing group I have good news for you. All throughout March I am scheduling free Skype meetings to discuss the blog, particular women who appear on it and true crime blogging with your book club, girls night out, or discussion group. Email for information. This is gonna be fun!

Oh, and it's National Pancake Day. Celebrate!

Killing Kelly - Mother Nature Puts in Her Two Cents

Kelly Gissendaner
Greg Owen
It seems Mother Nature has said Hell No to executing Kelly Renee Gissendaner.

Hours before her scheduled execution, the DOC announced scheduling complications due to weather called for a postponement of the execution until Monday.

According to CNN, the DOC spokeswoman Gwendolyn Hogan said in an email, "due to weather and associated scheduling issues," they had to reschedule. Did mother nature snow in the executioner? Was there a power outage to old sparky? Did the FedEx truck driver carrying the killer drugs veer off the icy road and plunge to his own unnatural death?

How cruel it is to have this woman prepare for her death, eat her last meal, say her last words and then hours before the moment, claim a scheduling SNAFU and give her a few days more? How sick is that? Kelly will die Monday, while Greg Owen, the man who beat her husband with a nightstick and stabbed him in the neck 10 times lives on.

Elita “Gaby” Maldonado - Nevada

Elita “Gaby” Maldonado killed a man in May of 2014. After he paid her for sex she clobbered him with a 40 lbs dumbell and stabbed him almost 40 times. Gaby was a prostitute in the Vegas area, and had been arrested many times for prostitution and meth use. She has a history of mental problems and was often seen on her street corner talking to herself and rocking.

She hooked up with William Sanford and told him she was looking for her children and he agreed to help her find them. I guess he needed to have the sex first, or she did, Im not sure how that part went, but they went to his apartment to complete their transaction. The next part is up for debate too, depending upon which version you want to believe.

Gaby said she heard her childrens voices in her head telling her Sanford was hurting them. She hit him with the dumbbell and when he woke up, she attacked him with a knife. 
To save her children.
In her statement to police she said she told him she was hearing her childrens voices and he didnt seem to care and went to lay down. That pissed her off. After she hit him in the forehead with the dumbbell they started to fight and tussel, ending up in the kitchen where she got the knife, 

After killing him she cleaned up, took his car keys, cell phone and credit cards, and left in his 2003 Cadillac. She carried an empty box out to the car, the police say in an attempt to make her departure look normal. She drove around doing meth until she ran out of gas and then hopped a train going to Phoenix. Except it wasnt going to Phoenix, it went to Wyoming. She got to Wyoming and decided to steal and consequently crash a pizza delivery van. 
All the while, police in Las Vegas have found Sanford's body and identified Gaby as their suspect. 

Arrested and returned to Nevada, she called her sisters but told them she was being raped by Sanford and had merely protected herself. She told psychologists a whole other story.
Its clear this lady is bat shit crazy. She should be in a mental hospital, not a jail. Id be willing to bet if she had pricey insurance she would have been in a mental hospital long ago. Receiving treatment, on medication. Not taking lives and hearing voices.
Regardless, she has been convicted of first degree murder and will be sentenced soon. 

Kelly Renee Gissendaner - Georgia

Kelly may be murdered by the state of Georgia on February 25th. In 1997 Kelly got her boyfriend, Gregory Bruce Owen, to kill her husband,    

      Douglas, in a particularly atrocious manner. She says she didnt know he was going to do it and even if she did know, she wasnt the one who did the killing and yet she got a death sentence and the man who pulled the trigger will live. Thats never easy to understand.

She is the only woman on death row in Georgia and may be the first executed in 70 years. I had a brief correspondence with Kelly in 2009 - 20013. She was never one for chatty letters or heartfelt confessions. Shes bitter and shes pissed.

Most of her letters consisted of her rants about the book written about her First We'll Kill my Husband and long diatribes on prison life. She asked me for money several times and when I could not produce when she asked, she stopped writing.


Wendy Holland - Alabama

Wendy Holland - incest, child sexual abuse
Wendy Holland was sentenced in January to spend her entire lifetime, 219 years in fact, in prison for her part in a child sex ring in Bay Minette, Alabama. Along with relatives and friends, she passed her children around for sex and used other children in the group for her own enjoyment.

The details of this crime are like something you would see in bad 70's horror flicks or something remade by Rob Zombie. These things don't really happen. But they do, don't they. Is it any real surprise it happened in Alabama?

Eleven adults were arrested on charges of sodomy, rape, abuse and sex crimes in the same small area of Alabama. This tale is so twisted its hard to unravel. Wendy Holland and her husband, Donnie- the Patriarch and founding father of this sick clan - had been swapping children with others for sex for many years. One of which, Brittney Wood- the niece of Wendy and Donnie, eventually disappeared. Shortly after, Donnie was found with a shotgun hole in his head, ruled suicide. Brittney has now been missing two years and authorities presume she is dead.

Two other family members, both men, were arrested days before Holland and another man, William Brownlee, who received 20 years. One of the underaged victims, a teenager, testified to the lifetime of strange sexual abuse she endured and detailed the sick child sex swapping the family was involved in. The young victim recounted how she was abused and molested while still in diapers by Holland, Holland’s brother and her husband, Donnie.

"The people who were supposed to protect me were the ones hurting me," the teen wrote in a letter to the court. 
 The witness went on to say that Holland and the other members of the family stated they were teaching the children how to have sex and it was better them than someone else doing it to them. They often tried to force brothers and sisters to have sex together.

Brittney Wood’s mother Chessie was one of the many arrested. She was charged with two counts of sodomy and sex abuse of a child less than 12 but denies the charges saying she just got mixed up in the fray and expects it all to come out in the wash. She wants the focus redirected to finding her daughter who could really blow the lid off this whole this if she isnt dead.