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Molly Jane Roe TN Woman Rapes and Kills 1 yr old

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Cold Case: Brenda Banaski Missing Teen

This video is about a relative of mine, Brenda Kaye Banaski, who went missing and was found murdered in 1973. No one was ever caught. Brenda's mother passed just a few years ago.

Murder Giveaway

Got this email from our contest winner. So glad she's happy with her prize.

Thank you for my winnings.  I attached a pic of some of my cherished goods.

I was most excited to haveca piece of correspondence from DARLIE ROUTIER.  I really believe her and to this day she shouldnt be sitting on DEATH ROW.  She has lost everything due to the Texas Detectives tunnel vision.  I hope that justice is done to free Darlie....

Thanks a million Kelly ....u rock

Kelly of The Woman Condemned

I have been doing this so long, I thought everyone knew what I look like. Lately, however, Ive had a few random emails and blog comments asking what I currently look like. Since as one reader pointed out:  "Every single picture of you is different. Do you change your look every year?"  No. I do not. Just when I get bored. 

Women VS Justice System Top 5 Facts

The Top 5 Facts About Women in Our Criminal Justice System
Many Face Difficulties During and After Incarceration
By Julie Ajinkya

Women are now incarcerated at nearly double the rate of men in this country.
As we celebrate International Women’s Day and pay tribute to the amazing feats that women have accomplished globally, we should also take note of the work that remains to be done in making sure that women do not suffer disproportionately due to their gender.
For instance, women are now incarcerated at nearly double the rate of men in this country, yet they receive little attention in criminal justice reform measures. This population has gender-specific needs that differ from men in prison, primarily owing to the fact that they are often the primary caregivers of their children before incarceration and are disproportionately victimized by emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in their past. Instead of investing in counseling treatment for such traumatic pasts and rehabilitative treatme…

Morgan Smith Florida Sex Slave

Jpay From Morgan Smith If anyone would like to help Morgan get a few books, please use the Paypal Donate link at the bottom of this page. She also needs some stamps and commissary. Even $1 helps.

Ezra McCandless Wisconsin Killer

Ezra McCandless Stabs Bf 16 Times Pleads Not Guilt Every few months or so I run up on a case that gets a lot of local attention. I've noticed that when a case becomes infamous in a particular area as opposed to nationwide, the community can get really nasty. They want to point fingers, assign blame, and make wild allegations against everyone from suspects, to family members to cops. I suppose people don't act like that on more widely recognized cases because they are afraid someone outside their little bubble will witness their behavior. When I write about a case like that the locals come out of the woodwork and I start to get emails, DMs and comments from a variety of people who claim to know the family, area, in-laws, Sunday school teacher etc. Recently this has happened with the Brina Nie case in Kentucky. More than 10 people contacted me from that area to give me their 411. Its interesting to get these first-hand neighbor accounts that often have insight you cant get else…

Prize Pack

A quick snap of the prize package that went out to our raffle winner last week. I hope she enjoys it and comes back to tell us about it!

Evidence of a Violent History

Collecting Murderabilia I am always rather surprised to see someone with an adverse reaction to murderabilia, serial killer art, prison art etc. To me, it is no different than any other historical artifact. Collecting of letters, artwork and oddities from notorious killers is just another hobby no different in gruesome value than taxidermy. People collect everything from Nazi and Holocaust evidence, to pieces from the World Trade Center and Columbine High School. We have become a society so numbed by constant exposure, holding authentic artifacts from some of the country's biggest tragedies can help to connect us emotionally to the trauma our brothers and sisters who are affected are feeling. It can also be a way to keep the victims of these tragedies forever in the public eye.

Wanting to hold, experience, and even own some inanimate object from a crime scene, tragedy, or disaster is not as strange as it sounds. In fact, it is a thriving industry. Conventions, seminars, and lectu…