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Catherine Goins Murdered for a New Born

I had six kids. I was a rural mom with limited funds in my early days and even so, I have trouble relating to these stories of moms meeting up with complete strangers to get baby clothes or swings or cribs. They end up murdered by crazy women who can't have children. Or crazy women who want someone elses kid. This weird phenomenon is even more prevelent today, but still you hear about women doing this. Don't do this pregnant readers. Do not meet total strangers in the hopes of a good deal. Just go to Good Will or Dollar General. Try yard sales. If you must try your luck, take someone with you. Don't make it easy to become a victim.

Catherine Goins was living a lie. She had told people she was pregnant but wasn't. It was getting close to time to fess up or come up with a newborn. Something happens to the minds of these women who pull this stunt. The women who claim to be pregnant but are not just to keep a man or to hold together some fantasy life are suffering from so…

One of Our Own

Please extend your good thoughts and prayers to Neva, a Patron of The Woman Condemned. Her mother passed away this morning. Neva continues to support this blog and the wrongly condemned despite all she has recently endured.
Our hearts are with you.

The Movie "The Cotton Club" and the Murder, Cocaine, and Sex Behind the Scenes

BLONDE WIDOW Seven Husbands, Two Murders, a Sea of Cocaine and other Tales By Ann Louise Bardach
IN 1975, LEGAL SECRETARY LANIE GREENBERGER SET OUT TO RE-INVENT HERSELF. SEVEN HUSBANDS, TWO VIOLENT DEATHS, AND ONE EXTREMELY LARGE PILE OF COCAINE LATER, SHE SITS IN JAIL, SERVING A LIFE SENTENCE FOR WHAT BECAME KNOWN AS THE ‘COTTON CLUB’ MURDER. FOR THE FIRST TIME, SHE TELLS HER STORY. In Miami you could refuse to take drugs. You could refuse to associate with people who did them. But whatever you did, drugs would be a part of your life. However you make your money, you know at least some of it. has to be drug money because in Miami drugs just don't buy Rolexes and Mercedes and condos and automatic pistols. It buys everything. It's on the table when you settle up your bridge scores; it's in the collection plate when you go to church.—T.D. Allman, Miami - City of the Future
For most of her adult life, Karen DeLayne Jacobs, who presently calls herself Lanie Greenberger, punch…

Cheyanne Harris Ignored Her Baby Until He Died in His Infant Swing

The following case, suggested by Neva, a Woman Condemned Patron, may be to much for some people to handle. So be warned before you read on, this is disturbing stuff to deal with.

Cheyanne Harris lived in Iowa with her two children in 2017. Also in the home was her on and off boyfriend (and baby daddy), Zachary Koehn. Here is his Facebook page. Neighbors and aquaintances in the neighborhood report he was a kind and generous guy who volunteered around his hometown until he began taking drugs. Take a look at that Facebook page. He has some really weird posts on the day Sterling died, and then also posts about losing custody of the daughter. A lot of random status updates unusual for a guy whos son died in his own filth.

In August of 2017, police and emergency responders were called to the home when Cheyanne found her four month old son, Sterling, dead in his baby swing. It ook only a few seconds for them to realize something horrifying had happend to Sterling. Magnets squirmed from his d…

Laura Messick Got Life for Killing her Army Vet BF when he made her Leave a Bar

On June 10, 2017, 40-year-old Chason Montez-DeOca was killed by his 31-year-old girlfriends, Laura Messick. She had a long and colorful criminal history already, including a 2015 arrest for DUI with children in the car along with a pistol and some cocaine.

Laura claimed self-defense. They were having an argument because he had retrieved her from a local bar and made her come home. According to her own testimony, she shot him through the chest and then slashed his throat in an effort to ensure his death. Prosecutors claimed it was not self defense because the bullet went through his outstretched palm first.

Once arrested, Laura told her cellmate what she had done and she later testified against her. Chason was an Army vet and his surviving family members are friends with the cellmates family. Some believe there is reason to doubt her testimony.

Laura asked her judge instead of her jury to decide her punishment when she was found guilty. She received a life sentence, which is what the …

The Murder of Jennifer Daugherty

Thank you, as always to Neva and Mike and everyone who helped put this piece together and supports Woman Condemned.

This is one of those cases like the Christian/Newsom Knoxville, Tennessee murders. By that, I mean that it is so horrific I cannot fathom how it hasn't been picked up by a major network or media outlet. Jennifer Daugherty was killed in 2010 by 17-year-old Angela Marinucci, a jealous roommate.

I wrote about this case way back in 2015, and she had been convicted and given a life sentence but her age was causing some of her supporters to remind the state that people her age cannot be given such a harsh sentence, regardless of what they've done. This case has since come to be known as the Greensburg 6.

What Angela did, however, is so heinous it is hard to fathom someone so young could have committed so foul an act. Actually, many acts. Days worth of vile torture no normal person, much less a teenager, could dream up to do to each other. Over a boy no-less.

Jennifer w…