Alix Catherine Tichelman

There are whisperings of a new Aileen Wournos in the headlines. Alix Catherine Tichelman, 26, is a high class call girl, model, makeup artist, and murderess linked to two deaths by Heroin of two men she was romantically involved with. Will more come to light?

Alix hails from the great state of Georgia. She went to high school just outside Atlanta, in Duluth, Georgia and studied journalism at Georgia State University. Her past is largely a mystery at this point. Somewhere along the way she began working as a stripper and one of her Facebook profiles lists a place of past employment at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club and as an exotic dancer in San Francisco.

She was a beautiful woman and early in life figured out that men would pay her well to enjoy her gifts. She boasted of having over 200 prostitution clients on the sugar daddy dating site seekingarrangements.com. Like most women who survive day to day depending on the interest of men, her life was full of drastic up’s and downs. Also like most of these women, she developed a hearty drug addiction. Friends and family have spun sorted tales for reporters; how much heroin she would do, how much she drank, and smoked. Her life was a long string of drugs and high paying executive prostitution clients.

She gave the title of “boyfriend” to Dean Riopelle, an Atlanta club owner in 2013. He owned a BDSM club in the city for some time before opening The Masquerade, a popular hotspot. Riopelle was an unusual man who loved exotic animals. At the time of his death, he had just gotten a permit to turn his property into a petting zoo of sorts which did not make his neighbors none too happy.  He sang in a band called the Impotent Sea Snakes and had been married to singer Princess Christy.

In September of 2013 Alix Tichelman called 911 to say her boyfriend Dean Riopelle was dead. She is heard saying that it must be a drug overdose and couldn’t be anything else because she knew for a fact it was an overdose. She told police she found him dead on the floor when she got out of the shower. She reported he’d been drinking and doing Heroin all day.

Two months later we find Alix in Santa Cruz, California busily dating her contacts from seekingarrangements.com. One of which, Google executive, 51-year-old Forrest Timothy Hayes, became quite the regular. Hayes, unfortunately, met the same fate as Riopelle. This time, however, cameras were

On November 23rd of 2013, Alix and Tim were partying on his yacht in the Santa Cruz harbor when she shot him up with heroin. The security cameras catch the injection and as Timothy loses consciousness, Alix steps over his body, gathers her drugs, needles and personal affects, guzzles a glass of wine and exits stage left.

She was lured back to Santa Cruz by authorities and arrested. Dean Riopelles murder has since been reopened. She will appear in court tomorrow on felony murder charges.


Will Erica Jenkins be Nebraska's Death Row Woman?

Erica Jenkins has pleaded not guilty to her part in the murders of four people in three separate shootings during a 10 day crime spree in Omaha, Nebraska in 2013. Niko Jenkins, Eric's brother, is the actual gunman in the most of the cases, Erica is accused of one killing, but will that stop the prosecution from going for the death penalty? It may not, and after a jury hears some of the statements she has made, they may get it.

Nikko, Erica, their Uncle, 51-year-old Warren Levering, and their cousin, Christine Bordeaux, 39 years old as well as a half sister, Lori Sayles, went on a carjacking, robbing and murder spree. Nikko Jenkins confessed to all the killings, saying the voices of an Egyptian God urged him to do the killing.

Although Nikko confessed to all the killings, police investigators believe Erica played a strong role in the murders of Andrea Kruger, Curtis Bradford, Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz and Juan Uribe-Pena. Prosecutors say Erica Jenkins was the first one to shoot victim Curtis Bradford but her brother, Nikko Jenkins fired the bullet that killed him. Prosecutors say Erica then became upset at her brother because he took her “first kill” and had earlier given a strict admonition when Nikko did not clean up a kill as she'd instructed.

Andrea Kruger was carjacked by Niko and Warren Levering with the two women, Erica and Christine, present at the scene. Curtis Bradford was an acquaintance of the deadly crew and was murdered in a residence. Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz and Juan Uribe-Pena were lured by the women for sex when Nikko shot them.

Since her arrest Erica ha assaulted another inmate in jail as well as screaming at the judge that her $100,000 bond was too high, which resulted in it being raised to $250,000.

Nebraska doesn't like to give the death penalty to women. This may be a long shot to assume they will but this gal is a pretty rough old girl. She unrepentant and doesn't really give a shit which may just stick in the craw of a conservative Omaha jury. Time will tell. Her court date is