Mean Nadine Smith - The Helicopter Mom

Let’s take a break from the current bad girls we usually cover and instead discuss an older case, that of the previously executed Mean Nadine, a nickname Lois Nadine Smith picked up in high school. Hm.

 I believe Lois was one of those Helicopter Moms, if I had to guess. She was wildly protective of her son, James Gregory Smith, 18 years old. An ex-girlfriend of his, Cindy Bailee, had been giving him some trouble.

Lois and Greg, as her son was known, had heard through the grapevine that Cindy was planning on narcing Greg out to the cops for some drug deals she knew about. They also thought she was trying to have Greg killed and had been asking around for a hitman.

So, the two of them garnered the help of another woman and set out to kill Cindy on the 4th of July 1982. I don’t now how they talked her into it, but they picked her up at a hotel in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. Once they had her in the car, they started questioning her about the rumors. She denied them all, but Lois stabbed her in the throat.

They took her to the home of Nadine’s ex-husband where they tortured her for hours. Nadine taunted the bleeding woman and shot her several times in her extremities. Greg reloaded her gun when she ran out of bullets. Finally, Lois killed her. Autopsy results showed nine bullets in her.

There is surprisingly little online about how this investigation went down. Greg was only 18 but he got a life sentence and was released in 2009. Strange but true. Lois got the death penalty and was executed in 2001.

Greg got in a fight in 2013 and stabbed the dude. I don’t know what kind of time, if any, he got out of that.

I was surprised to realize while researching this today that I have had contact with the last seven women executed in the United States. I have spoken to, met with, or exchanged letters with Aileen Wuornos, Frances Newton, Teresa Lewis, Kim McCarthy, Sue Basso, Lisa Coleman, and Kelly Gissendaner.  What a strange thought.

What the Green River Killer Gave to Me

I got a fat little package from the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgeway, back in July.
I've been meaning to show you the contents but I did those two true crime shows in July and time just got away from me ya'll.

I was slightly amused, as Id heard he was too ill to write to anyone and also I had written to him to begin with. But since that is the way my relationship with Richard Ramirez began my interest was piqued. 

I posted the video on Patreon. If you are interested, it is available to even new Patrons at the lowest level for one week.

I will be adding one more video this week about an incarcerated lady who has reached out for help. Next week I will be sharing about the inside information I have on Ezra McCandless case that CourtTV called me about. Being a Patron pays off even at the lowest level. It's a true crime bargain you can't really pass up. 


Alicia Valdez, Cold Blooded Murderess at 20

Caleb and Devon
Alicia Valdez, her boyfriend Devon Howard, and a friend of theirs, Caleb Vigil, decided they would begin a crime spree and purchased a gun. They intended to perform armed robberies on anyone they thought had money.

27-year-old Andrew Jenicek walked up to a BBQ restaurant in Edgewood, Colorado, to get dinner for his girlfriend on April5th, 2018. Caleb approached him in the parking lot and shot him in the chest while robbing him.

He ran back to Valdez's car, driven by Howard, and got in. They ran over Jenicek as they were leaving the scene.

Howard and Vigil then went to a house in Arvada where Howard knew a pregnant woman who lived there with her child and fired shots into the bedroom to intimidate her because she was a witness in another proceeding, prosecutors said.

The woman was not injured and the child was out of the house at the time of the shooting.

The next day, Vigil and Howard committed an armed robbery at a mobile phone store in Lakewood, robbing customers and the clerk at gunpoint.

While investigating the crime police found the trio on various security cameras laughing, joking and excited after the murder. Police have said that Alicia was calm, cool, and collected during her initial interview. And even that 'she ran that interview".

"It was shocking to see that apathy and lack of humanity at the time of the homicide," said Matthew Durkin, the Chief Deputy District Attorney who helped prosecute the case.

The trio shot Jenicek and then ran him over. A witness told investigators Valdez was "thrilled" at what they'd done.

"She celebrated. She was joking. She said it was tight. They went back and they laughed. They went to the 7-Eleven and they went about their business," said Durkin.

Durkin also said he believed she was the ringleader of the threesome.

Devon Howard, 21, was sentenced to life in prison plus 279 years and Caleb Vigil, 20, was sentenced to life in prison plus 118 years. Alicia received life without parole.

Howard and Valdez married after the murder.


Top 10 Female Freakouts When Sentenced to Life

Grace Beat Her Husband to Death. Says She Just Snapped

Grace Agnant
Detectives arrested Grace Agnant, who lives in the 500 block of North Clinton Street in Baltimore with her boyfriend, and charged her with first-degree murder in his death. Police say her 47-year-old boyfriend was found beaten to death inside his home at around 12:40 a.m. Friday, August 16th.

Official reports say he was found with stab wounds to the back of his neck and it is believed he died of blunt force trauma.

Police knew the couple had a history of abuse and violence in the home. After they interviewed witnesses and reviewed evidence at the crime scene they arrested Grace.

She told arresting officers that she just snapped and couldn't take his crap anymore.

Court records show Agnant is facing eight charges, including first-degree murder, first-degree assault and manslaughter. She is being held without bail, court records said. No attorney was listed in online records for Agnant.

I was unable to find the husband's name or anything further after she went to court. My guess is she is waiting for a trial date.


Friends with Benefits and Bitches

Friends With Benefits: How to Change the World With a Handful of Letters

I wrote this handy guide to write to prisoners. It explains how to mentor a prisoner through letters. You learn exactly what you can do and why it's important. It is .99 cents. and free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

If you are interested in writing to inmates and making a huge difference with just a small bit of your time, it's worth the dollar. If you purchase it, send me a screenshot and I have some fun stuff for you.

This basic guide to mentoring inmates explains why mentoring is important and how important it is to female inmates. Learn what a mentor is, what they do and how its keeping women out of jail.
From pen pals to formal programs there are many ways to mentor inmates. This short guide familiarizes readers with the various programs as well as how to go it alone.
Kelly Banaski is an inmate and prison reform activist known for writing for inmates instead of about them. She painstakingly and with much heart tells the stories of America's death row women on her website www.thewomancondemned.com through her own experiences in letters, phone calls, and visits.

I also wrote an ebook called Bitches : Lessons Learned From Death Row.

It is a short account of one of the experiences I had when I first started writing women on death row. The women on Pennsylvania death row sort of ganged up on me. I was a newbie and it wigged me out. Thinking back on it, it doesn't bother me as much.

It is also .99 cents.

Woman Stabs Man For Kissing Her Without Consent

The headline to this article is fake. I made it up because of something that happened to me last week.
It shook me up quite a bit. The more I thought about it the worse it made me feel.

I live in a private subdivision. We have our own bar and grille, convenience store, garbage facility, pavilion, and lake. You see the same people every day. We try to be kind to each other and respect each other's privacy.

I've lived here for more than 20 years. I have seen a lot of people come and go but the majority of people that move here stick around. We have all sorts of people that live in here with varying jobs and backgrounds.

I think I am the only true crime author, but we have cops, social workers, nurses, military folks, professionals in hospitality, food, customer service, and truck drivers. We also have our fair share of gas thieves, drug addicts, and town drunks.

We stick together for the most part but we get a lot of people from other areas who come to visit our businesses. Especially the convenience store and bar and grille. In the summer people come to use our lake and beach. The large majority know they are visitors and act accordingly. Sometimes you get assholes who act like they can behave however they choose.

One day last week, my friend down the road and I went to the bar and grille. It was right after my last TV appearance on Killer Affair. One such visiting gentleman who I have seen many times congratulated me on the appearance and told me how he'd bragged of our acquaintance to his daughter who loves true crime tv. He asked for a photo and I was happy to oblige.

We stepped onto the patio and he snapped a few photos. He asked for a selfie and just before he snapped the pic I turned to kiss his cheek. He guessed what I had in mind and quickly turned his head to kiss me full on the lips. Shady as that is, he took it a step further.

He'd surprised me. I tried to pull away but he had a firm grip on my waist. He held tight. Pressing his lips into my face. He kept trying to push his tongue into my mouth. His beer breath and Old Spice prevalent.

I was horrified. As a few customers approached the door I struggled harder and he let me loose with a sheepish grin.  He turned and walked back in without another word.

I was so shook. I stood on the patio a few minutes alone.
I felt powerless. Ashamed. Embarrassed. Like a fool.

That's what you get for thinking youre a big shot, I told myself. I felt snookered. Fooled.

I went back in to my friend and played it off like nothing happened. I laughed. I joked. I watched that man look happily at the photos he'd taken and I had a powerful urge to slap the phone out of his hand. To wrap my hands around his throat. To stab him, or shoot him, or beat him with my own fists.

But I did nothing. I went home and cried. I threw some shit around. I talked to my cousin about it. That is something you will never have to deal with as a man, I told him. And he agreed.

I guess my point is that I could have easily lost my shit on that old man. I felt it. There was a black, slimy ball of putrid hate in the pit of my stomach and had I had the chance at the right moment, I may have killed him.

It would have been my actions. And my will that took his life, but whose fault would it have been? When are we going to start acknowledging as a nation that enough inequality is going to spawn murder?