Remember when I said that I would have that whole Judy Neelley chapter done and turned into Christa a few Sundays ago?
Guess how far I got? You don't want to know. It would shatter your image of me.
Now, now, I don't want you to get the impression that I haven't done anything. I have. I've sent Judy two care packages. One with Christmas cards, ink pens, stickers and teddy bear stationary. She's gotten that one. Also another one- with Christmas stationary, envelopes, colored pencils, a pink and brown striped folder, a composition notebook that matched it and some pink Hello Kitty notebook paper. I'm doing this in hopes that she will take it as a token of our friendship and my appreciation of her letters. I sent her a letter yesterday that reveals my interest in more information for an article or book chapter.
I hope her attitude is favorable.
As far as actually writing, what have I done? I have written an sentence. Actually rewritten the first sentence in the chapter. Yes that's all but it is a perfect sentence. It says what I had to say so much better than what I had. I wonder how I even have written that previous, hacky, piece of written vomit. OK, that's rough but you know what I mean.
I also think I have a pretty fine tipped idea on where I'm going now and how I'm going to say it as perfectly as Ive started.
Rock on! I love when it comes together like that.


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