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Ive had some emails lately asking about Shonda Johnson.
No, she is no longer on death row.
The main reason for this is becuase she is innocent. Her case was the biggest bunch of bullshit that I have seen in a while.

At any rate, the Equal Justic Initiative became involved and she now sits in a Alabama jail in her hometown. Hopefully she will return home before long.

Her case is especailly scary becuase what happened to her could very well happen to anyone.

He husband murdered her ex husband and in order to take a plea he involved her in his crime. Telling police she was present at the time. Not ony was she not present but she had evidence of such which was suppressed.

Scary stuff.
Ive started writing to a man in prison, which is unusual for me.
He isnt on the row but serving life.
His story touched me so deeply I thought of him for several days before deciding to send him a copy of the girls newsletter.

His name is Randy Wood.
I saw his story on an A&E American Justice titled Murder at Homecoming.
He and a few buddies were drinking in a camper trailer when one of the girls from school showed up. She got drunk right alon with them and although she was an ex girlfriend of Randy's ended up sleeping with one of the other fellas.
After pasing out, the third fella goes in to see her and he also has sex with her.
She wakes up sometime later and his hysterical. Saying that she was raped by the third fella who was a shady type.
The two that had sex with her take her to a bridge and blow her head off and throw her over the bridge.
Randy was along for the ride, threatened and scared and in over his head.

When all three were arrested he refused a plea bargain to make sure t…
Im writing Michelle Byrom back today.
She is in Mississippi. Convicted of killing her husband even though she was in the hospital when the trigger was pulled. Long trigger finger, huh?
She is actually convicted of masterminding the whole caper and having her son and his friend pull the trigger.


Michelle writes long 10, 12 and sometimes 15 page letters about her state of affairs. I hear every detail of her prison life and those around her.
She is by far my most expensive pen friend. She asks for a lot because she needs a lot.
Her family has deserted her.
OK- HUGE decision on my part here-
I am constantly getting well meaning (if a bit testy) emails from people who come here to read information on my work with the death row women. They are mildly confused by my rantings on my kids and life in general. Usually my attitude would be "deal with it"
But a publisher friend of mine has suggested that it is actually better to separate the two.
I have often see people signature lines with two or three blog links in it and I always think- why would anyone need more than one blog? That is a sign of a person with to much time on their hands.
And now I am one of those people.
At any rate- This blog will be entirely dedicated to the death row women and related topics.
My family, life, kids and the rest of me will now reside here-

Please come and visit. Leave a comment. I'm lonely over there.