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This is Randy Wood, his mom and his brother.
His letter today was light hearted. I was worried about him. He was so unnecessarily worried about some drivel on a message board about him. I was informed by his wife about the site and when I looked at it I was sorry he even knew about it. It was all so stupid it barely made sense.
He had spoke before about being in prison for 10 years and that in November he would be recognized for this and able to receive priveldges but nothing was mentioned in this letter.
I worry a lot about this guy. If the Texas justice system can treat him this way then anything can happen. I believe that he and Darlie Routier have been raped by Texas in the worst ways possible.
I received word from a mutal friend that Chelsea Richardson wanted me to contact her again. I had previously quit writing to her after the troubles I had with Michelle Tharp.
A strange jealous stalker/hacker had ingraciated himself into Michelles life and every time someone disagreed with him or doubted his "authority" he would threaten to fill Michelles head with as much drivel as possible about that person. Unfortunetly Michelle is very paranoid and frightful and believed it. This stalker/hacker is also a friend of Chelseas and when he hacked my forums to pieces at I just didnt have the time or inclination to play the games he thrives on.
I wish there was something I could do about him. He preys on the women on the row who are weak minded or young and impressionable. Usually someone that has limited support. He throws a few dollars at them and then I hear from them about their crushes on him. I dreadfully certain he has some wierd fetish of wom…

Reconsidering the Death Penalty

’s take a stroll down amnesia lane. In the mid-1980s, there were more than a dozen police officers killed in the line of duty in Canada. This prompted calls for the restoration of the death penalty in Canada which had been formally abolished in 1976 (the same year it was restored in the United States).

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Wisconsin considers the death penalty

After 153 years without it, WIsconsin voters will consider advising their state legislators to reinstate the death penalty.

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A letter from Michelle Byrom today. I hadnt heard from her in some time and she explained that she has had some trouble with a guard. She said I was being harrassed by a Captain here. I guess shes either jealous because I have a TV or more likely because Im white.. She also jumped on another girl, the new girl on death row here. [That is Lisa Jo Chamberlain]Shook her down and told her to stand outside her door and if she moved she'd kick her ass."Her health , which has always been a problem for her, has gotten worse in recent days. "They checked my blood last week. They are supposed to check it every 2 -3 months but last time was in February. My Thyroid was off the charts then and they were supposed to up my dose, never did. My cholestrol was sky high, nothing done about it. With my Lupus and the depression its a triple whammy when the thyroid acts up. No thyroid meds. If I dont get out of here soon, Ill be shipped out in a body bag."