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Kenisha Berry's family during her trial

Ive been sick, really freaking sick. I have a pile of letters that are unopened.
So we'll leave you in suspense by saying that I have a letter from Antoinette Frank sitting on the table unopened for three days. I see one from Kenisha Berry, I have never written to her so I'll be interested to see what it says.
There is an envelope from Darlie Routier and Adam Frank as well.
When I feel better Ill open them and give you the goods.

On November 29, 1998, in Jefferson County, Texas, Berry placed duct tape across the body and mouth of her 4 day old son, placed him in a black plastic trash bag and left his body in a trash dumpster, resulting in his death.
HOUSTON (AP) - Kenisha Berry worked in a day-care center and seemed to be a loving mother to three of her young children.

But the Beaumont woman is heading to Texas' death row for killing another child, who was linked to her last summer after she dumped her fifth child in a ditch.

The moderators of my website and I will be chatting with the sites visitors tonight at 8 pm central USA time.
Please come by and meet my moderators, all very impressive and knowledgable fighters of the death penalty.
It will be held at
Judy wrote today. She is much more talkative and open than she ever has been in the past few years.
Im guessing this is because of the new prison she is in. They seem to be more lenient than any other Ive heard of.
She is allowed any visitors and used books. Most of the time books must come straight from the publisher and have to be paperback. She says"It is my understandingvisitation is very lenient here. Inmates are bringing back jewlry their visitors are wearing in! No, they dont have permission.No one cares."
Judy has always been one of my favorites. One reason beacuase she is from my home town, another because she is so articulate and easy to talk with on any subject. But mainly I think it is because I relate to her. I can see how she would have commited the crimes that she did if Alvin had such a hold on her.
I saw my own mother live through astonishing abuse.
I began writing these women for that very fact. I spent my early adult years tethered to a man who treated me lik…