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Melanie McGuire New Jersey's Suitcase Killer

Im a little reticent about Lisa Jo Chamberlain. The last letter from Michelle Byrom talks about how Lisa Joo flip flops on her crimes. One minuet shes remorseful and the other shes full of bravado. Michelle may be lying but I dont see the purpose. But if there is one thing I have learned from the crazy antics at the Muncy prison with that looney Michelle Tharp, its that you just never know. Im treading lightly with Lisa Jo. Ive heard tales of people complaining about how theyve been scammed and taken advantage of by prison inmates. But the fact is- they cant force you to send them things. You either decide to or you dont.
My return letter from Liso Jo Chamberlain. She seems like a very sad and misguided woman. I dont know if she is guilty or not guilty or if she admits her guilty or denies it. Im not even sure what her charges are. I havent done any research on her case at all. I wrote her back and promised to send her the newsletter .