I havent written anyone yet this year.
I am not without hope however beacuse I feel that tell-tale tingle in my brain. Its a tiny tingle that tell me I can write. I have an idea, a thought, a feeling. In any case, its something to work out.

I received a letter fro Michelle Byrom in Mississippi. She talks of how worried she is about Lisa Jo Chamberlain- who is no longer the new girl. There is another now to make it a trio of women awaiting Mississppi to pass its final judgement on them. Kristi Fulgham , convicted of killing her husband.

Michelle tells of Lisao Jo not having a pillow for her bed. She refuses to ask for one telling Michelle "Im not going to show them I need anything. Ill do without." Michelle goes on to say that Lisa Jo also said "Wouldnt it surprise them if I took all the blame."

I have planned to send Lisa Jo the money she needs for her fan and another letter this week.


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