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Cold Case: Brenda Banaski Missing Teen

I received two letters on Saturday. One from Lisa jo Chamberlain. She is upset that I didn't send her any money. She said strangers write her and as soon as she asks for money they don't write back. Hm.. I wonder why.
But she understands that I was sick and is willing to forgive me. Darling, girl.

The other was from Randy Wood. I was tickled to hear from him. He said his appeal was denied and they are trying once again. I worry when things like that happen. How could they deny his appeal? There is obviously a dire need for it. I wonder if Texas politicians care one wit about anything other than their own careers. Is there a person in the state that cares about Justice or the Truth?
Randy is the happiest person Ive ever seen to be in his shoes. He is constantly upbeat and joking. He always looks on the bright side. I am so proud of this young man. I don't think there is anything that can knock him down. He spoke of his mom and brother as well. He said his wife and mom had visited and how much he enjoyed it. He said his wife has moved closer to him and he seemed happy about that.

Today I'm sending off a letter to Michelle Byrom and to Chelsea Richardson. I worry about her some. She seems very capable of taking care of herself but she is so young. I know of a particularly weird old lech living in the UK that writes to her. There is some sick fascination there that really worries me. This guy poses as some kind of super hero to a few of these girls and then stirs up trouble among them and anyone on the outside who truly does care for them. I think he has some kind of power trip he enjoys playing over the girls.

My scanner is being a pain in the ass currently but in a few hours I will attempt to scan one of these letters. Any suggestions?

My book now consists of two chapters and is currently under review by Talcott Notch. ICM gave me a nice rejection Friday after having it a short 2 months. You just appreciate agencies that really get shit done. Even if they throw you in the crapper.

I have'nt had much time to work on it. My web content job has had me overloaded in work. I had to get a friend to come bail me out and alleviate some of my load. Thanks Big N!

So after months of shopping the book around and a billion people reading it, I get comments about how dry it is and I need to add more o myself and why am I writing it? I add the paragraphs about me at the beginning of the two chapters. Now I get rave reviews about the content but no one likes the stuff about me. It is to distracting, it should be a prologue, an epilogue and introduction... I don't know.
Someone on asked me if it was leading somewhere to have me in each chapter like that. I was going to end the book with Michelle Tharp and the rest of that mad PA bunch but is that a climactic ending? Why does it have to lead somewhere? In Jennifer Furios book "Letter From Women Killers" she has her own story in there before each woman's letters and it doesn't lead anywhere. She gets to the last letter and that's the end of the book. I wish I knew who her agent was. But both of her books are published by academic sort of presses and I don't know if my book would interest them. Its a little more true crime-ish than hers. I don't know how. I think maybe my writing style is a little more flowery. But I probably don't know what Im talking about because another person at absolute write told me that she could sense my journalistic background in the book and that she could see traces of the inverted pyramid the we are taught to write like. So, hm... still much to consider. Who would have thought it was so hard. Im sorry Stephen King, for thinking your life was a piece of cake.


  1. Ooops! I forgot to add, I also sent a letter to Paul Bernardo today. For some reason I am scared to death of doing this but I feel like I need to. I think because this guy is so nuts in a way I cant even begin to understand. Anywho- I sent it with 2 forever stamps. I hope thats enough to get to Canada.

  2. New to your blog, but wanted to say I think the concept behind your book is fascinating. Good luck in your search for a publisher!


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