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Cold Case: Brenda Banaski Missing Teen

I thought it had been a while since the last nut came out of the woodwork. I checked my email this morning to find that one has indeed squeezed out to dispense some of that well-known wit and wisdom I so missed.

I debated printing her name but have decided to give the little precious a chance to leave me alone first. She berated me for some of the things Ive said about some of the girls and printing their letters. Just in case there is another little nut in the wings somewhere drumming up the nerve and breaking out their dictionary for a nice long email tirade on the injustices I purport on this blog let me answer them here for everyone.

Why do I write these women and then complain about them? Because I feel for them, I wouldn't want to be in their shoes and am all to aware that in the USA it could very well happen. I reach out to them and offer support emotionally and financially. Sometimes they get weird on me. Sometimes they do nutty, crazy shit that pisses me off. I once had Sister Kathleen OShea calm me down (after the episode with Michelle Tharp- PA)by relating an episode she endured where one particular gal ripped her letter to shreds and sent it back to her. They flip out, it happens. Lets face it some of them are there because they have actually done the terrible things they are accused of. So it stands to reason that they aren't wrapped to tight upstairs and may be prone to irrational anger. Some are even not-so-nice people who will try to take money from you and abuse your offer of friendship (GASP). Just because they are on death row doesn't automatically make them nice people. (My, that is an odd statement isn't it?)

I complain about them but continue to write because I'm not phony. I'm real. I have real feelings and still care about them even when they piss me off. They are human. I still feel that death row is not a crime deterrent and serves no valid purpose. I don't think anyone should be there. Not the innocent or guilty, the good, the bad or the ugly. Except maybe people who write annoying emails.

This gal also asked if they like having their letters posted on the net and their fights portrayed like a soap operas. YES! They want everyone to know that they are real women- they are human. They have problems and fights and real life predicaments. Sometimes they have bigger issues and situations than we do. They want the world to know what its like where they are and what their lives are like.

I have reason to believe this gal writes to a gal that is KNOWN to be a swindler and con artist. She has been scandal and rumors circulating about her among support group for years. Her pen pals have complained for various reasons. What you have to realize, dear, is that instead of trying to place a false smile on the situation you take it for what it is and carry on. Arnt your convictions strong enough to face the situation head on?

So, that being said- please toddle off.


  1. Your passion is amazing Kelly, and I am glad that there are people out there that will stick to their passions even if it gets annoying, or a bit crazy at times!

  2. Marnie12:27 PM

    Sounds like you have your hands full! I hope this to will pass by without too much turmoil! Hang in there you are doing a great thing for fellow females!

  3. Don't let the losers get you down - heck, I'm working on that very same thought today! Hugs!

  4. Ah, you can't even spell correctly, and really, I cannot understand much of what you are writing. How long have you been doing this and where did you receive your education? My personal and biased opinion is that whether or not these women committed said crimes,they are probably crazier than a 2 bob watch anyway. I say, they might not deserve to die, but don't let them out on an unsuspecting public without some extreme psychiatric intervention!!!


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