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Top 10 Death Penalty Blogs

I copied this from Hey why isnt my blog there!

1) Capital Defense WeeklyThis blog is an obvious labor of love for Karl Keys, the Massachusetts defense attorney who has visibly put countless hours into making it the most up-to-date and informative blog about U.S. capital punishment anywhere, with plenty of information on ongoing cases and recent rulings. Presumably it really was a weekly newsletter when it was founded in 1997, but now it's updated almost every day.

2) Meet VernonVernon Evans is a prisoner on Maryland's death row, convicted of killing two hotel clerks in 1983. He proclaims his innocence. While working through the long appeals process, he maintains this blog through a friend who forwards him questions from users and posts his answers online, providing a rare glimpse into the life of a man sentenced to die.

3) Asia Death PenaltyIn the United States, the death penalty is a divisive issue, but the vast majority of executions take p…
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A disclosure is needed at the end of your blog. This is a good idea anyway even if you dont get paid for it because if you give out advice or referrals or even just reccommendations you dont want anyone putt…