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I've tried this new email application that is promising to boost my blog readership. I would just love it if it turned out to be true It was really easy to sign up and the whole premise seems to make sence. So I hope it works.
Email marketing is a whole new thing to me. Im trying to build my readership here because Im attempting to make some speaking engagements around the country this fall. (Can I stay at your house when Im in town? I dont eat much.)
This site helps you build your own email newsletter for your blog and I hope it will work. Im planning on showing the actual letters only to the subscribers from now on. I think. Maybe not. What do you think?
And it really helps that its free, right? That is always a great incentive for me. So check out this link and tell me what you think. I'll wait here.

Paul Bernardo is not going to write me back. Im just torn over it. I really wanted to talk with him. Maybe it was the Hello Kitty stationary. I thought it was cute.
Damn. Maybe Ill try again another day. I am upset tho. Not only because of Paul but also because I had written to Nicole Diar, Brenda Andrew, Debra Milke and Denise Brown. None of whom have written me back. Im disgusted.

So I've been cooking a lot. I think when I cook. Ive come up with some of my very best thoughts when cooking. I have been known to throw together up some pretty good ideas if the recipe is long enough. The more difficult the dish the harder my brain works, I guess.

So I have made a lot of food and done some house cleaning, took the daughter some cupcakes and soda to school to celebrate her birthday,did some laundry, cooked huby some lunch, visited with my dad nd checed my email.

During all tis I have talked mysel into quitting my contet writing job and concenrating on my book for the next month. Hubby say…