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Reasons to be Against the Death Penalty

Bernardo's Mystery Woman

Bernardo's Mystery Woman

AHA! I knew it! This woman is why he won't write me back!
Of course this article is years old. I wonder if she is still around. What an awful long time to wait around for a man serving life in prison.

I want him to write me terribly bad. I want to know him. Why is he like he is? Wh did he do those things? Does he hate women? Will he hate me? Does he already?
Letter from Angela yesterday. She's been put in the hole for over a month now. Something about an argument with a girl that thought she was a punk.

This lady is so funny. She cracks me up. She has a very healthy outlook on life and her circumstances. She takes responsibility for her crimes and you dont really see that often. She is very smart and open. She doesnt ask for anything.

Ddid I tell you I got a letter from Nicole Diar? She seems very sad. I havent gotten back to her. I need to do that.

Ive been busy this week with MOMS Club, we are having a Halloween party Saturday. I also got a new job writing on points of interest in Nashville and Ive been putting together the 2nd Womens Home Business Fair.
Busy, busy, busy.
Virginia's only woman on death row says sentence unfair - Prison Talk

This article is about Teresa Lewis- Virginias only ddeath row woman. She had her husband and stepson killed for insurance money.