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My dad has a substance abuse problem. He is addicted to narcotics. He eats pills by the handfuls. He'll then fall asleep on the couch with a cigarette. Or he'll try to talk to you and not make a bit of sense. Just blurbs and blobs of odd consonants.

I am usually the one to view this activity because he will not do it around other people in the family. Does this make me an enabler? Probably. I suppose.

When my mother died it left a great big gaping hole in all of our lives. He has steadily gotten worse. He sat in front of me today and said "I'm fixin' to take your brother and make a straight gaited criminal out of him." I shivered. It sent waves of frozen terror through me. I know that he will try.

My brother in question is currently waiting out an undetermined amount of time in our local county jail. Charges all stemming from his own addiction to the very same drugs. Hmmm....

He sat in front of me and told me he was going to live a complete criminal life now …
Sister Helen Prejean: Regarding Cathy Henderson

"This is February and Cathy is alive. In twenty more days it will be March, and she will be alive all through March. But then April comes, and if the state of Texas and the courts have their way Cathy Henderson is not going to live past April 18th."

Cathy is not one that I talk with. I do write others there though.

What do you think of this article and what Sister Helen says?

And now this one-Cathy Henderson Lives!

What are your thoughts on this outcome?

Death Row Kids - USA on Technorati

Death Row Kids - USA on Technorati

What do you know about execution of children?
Our government does it at an alarming pace.