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This is official Supreme Court version of what happened with Beth Markman when she and her boyfriend killed the girl, Leslie White, that he had cheated on her with.

I used to write to Beth and I do believe that she is a decent woman. There is record of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend for years before the murder and the night before he held her hostage with a knife, cutting and raping her for hours. But she got extremely angry at me. She asked me what I had read about her online. So I printed the article Id found and sent it to her. She became enraged and refused to write to me anymore. Go figure. When I read about Beths case I often wonder what I would have done in her shoes. I have seen my mother beatten to a bloody pulp when I was a girl and I know that there were times she would have done anything to stop it.

Beth is no longer on death row bu…
I have had the very distinct and memorable pleasure of working with Susan Shapiro Barash on a few articles. She is a joy to work with and a super smart lady and fantastic author. Her books are powerhouses of information for women. I'm proud to say I received a review copy of her latest book last month and I was utterly mesmerized from one page to the next.

Little White Lies and Deep Dark Secrets- The Truth About Why Women Lie was an amazingly insightful read. It gives a fascinating view of how society forces women to lie. It explains how society gives women mixed messages from infancy.

She says:

Ever since we were little girls, we have been encouraged to keep secrets.

I was raised a good girl, like most women in America, where instinctively we knew that a secret was sacred, I was taught to never betray a trust. The fact that a mishandled secret could endanger someone was shown to me by my mother, my aunts, my grandmothers, so I knew to believe this. I remember feeling special wh…
One of the biggest things that seperates us from animals is empathy. We have the ability to put ourselves in other peoples shoes and see things from their point of view. This is a gift we have been given as humans.
So why dont more people use it?
When you see a woman who sits on death row or a homeless man on the side of the road do sniff with disgust? Do you judge immedietly? Or maybe you think "what happened in her life that made her so screwed up?"
Or maybe your like me. I do both. I catch myself juding people immedietly for various reasons and I have to stop. Regroup.
What if it were me?