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Here is the lovely Karla. She is one half of Canadas most horrific killing couple.I believe she got off very, very easily and I tend to side with these gals more often than not.She killed her own sister for her husbands sexual pleasure and raped and killed others as well.She is now a free woman, remarried and a mother of a little boy.

BILL FOR MURDERESS, $7,000; State Will Pay $700 Mo... - View Article - The New York Times

Aileen Wournos Arrest Report
Did wife poison Marine? - Crime & courts-

This woman was released today after spending two years behind bars for a crime she didnt commit. Imagine if they would have executed her in that time frame?
Munchausen syndrome is a condition in which a person intentionally fakes, simulates, worsens, or self-induces an injury or illness for the main purpose of being treated like a medical patient.
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Michelle Byrom ate rat poison for years until her internal organs and processes began to slowly shut down on her. Why? Because if she were sick enough to be in the hospital she was out of her house. She wasnt being punched in the face or kicked in the kidneys until she peed blood or well... you get the picture. Her husband Edward could not reach her there. She could heal. The split lip could finally seal and her stomach muscles could take a break.

One day she was admitted to the hospital and while she slept in her hospital bed her son walked into the house and shot her husband.

Michelle sits on death row where she still has the symptoms of the years of rat poison ingestion but no longer receives the proper treatment for them. Sh…