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Saw the doctor yesterday.
The night before I was thinking to myself "If this turns out to be cancer Im going to call Jeannie"
Jeannie is a girl I went to school with. We have been friends through the years. We see each other here and there and talk for a while. She had breast cancer last year and every time I saw her it never seemed to phase her. Always bright and happy even when I saw her in Food Lion with a bag on her hip and no hair. The last time I saw her she was preparing for her second wedding to a MUCH better guy. Cool.

So I was a little taken aback when I walked in the doctors office to find Jeannie sitting there. We immediately fell into conversation as I filled out my paperwork but the entire time in the back of my head Im wondering if this is a sign from God. Kind of a "Here ya go I saved you the step of calling her..." type thing...

But I think all is well ( but lets not count chickens) because after feeling around for a while she pronounced it the "g…
Just when you think it's almost over... the crap hits the cookie cutter.
I was having a pretty good week all things considered. I started my new job, my DH got a raise that we finally started to feel and all the kids came home with glowing report cards. And thats saying a lot when there are SIX kids to make sure homework is done and done right. I also put an end to Nikki. I was forced to put an end to it by my DH. Im still stung by the way she used me for years. I should have paid her off earlier but my pride kept me from it. The whole thing for me was ego, Ill admit it. I go every single day of my life trying to help someone elses life become a little easier place and when I need help its always a friend that kicks you in the gut. It hurt. She gave a whole new meaning to "no good deed goes unpunished". At least now she is using someone else. I dont even like that thought. What will she do now for blog fodder?

So I was pleased. Then I find the lump. OK, ok I know that not …