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I found Judy!!!! (Judith Ann Neelley)

I'm so excited. I missed her a lot. She was my favorite because she was very open with anything I asked her.

Last I heard from her she was in Louisiana and I got a phone call right after Christmas. I never heard from her again and I found out she was moved again to Alabama.

So! I'm going to write her again.

She is one that I seriously do believe. Her husband was such a sadistic fuck that I'm surprised that she lived through the ordeal. She grew up right here about 20 miles from my house. I have spoken to the police involved in her arrest and some of her old neighbors.

She is no longer on death row but sits in prison for life.
Offender Details

Donna Marie Roberts- talked her prison lover into killing her common law husband when he got out.
He did.
Now they are both on deathr row in Ohio.
Nicole Diar is the other woman on the row in Ohio and I do write to her.
Today- the live in boyfriend of Melissa Elizabeth Lucio- the newest death row woman goes on trial for his choice to stand by idly as Melissa brutally tortured and beat her 2 year old daughter to death.

Experts claimed she is a victim of domestic abuse and severe violence herself but little about that was brought up in court so i smell a lot of appeals coming.

On February 17, 2007 Harlingen Police found Mariah Alvarez unresponsive at the family’s apartment off of Lee Street. Alvarez was later transported to the emergency room at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen, Texas where she was pronounced dead by medical personnel.

Lucio was arrested on February 18, 2007 by the Harlingen Police Department for the capital murder of her daughter, Mariah Alvarez. Lucio was indicted on May 16, 2007 by a grand jury and arraigned on May 31, 2007.

She has received a death sentence.