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Serial killing couple in France get life sentences

This would be Karla Holmoka and Paul Bernardo had they not been caught.
Good News From Darlie's Mom

A letter from Darlie Routiers mom:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The family met this week with Darlie's attorneys. They gave us hope as
to future DNA testing through the federal courts and also encouragement
about the CCA's recent ruling to allow Darlie limited testing of DNA on
some evidence. It is a small step and it will be a long battle to get
most of the testing we want, but I believe it will happen.

Darlie's federal judge, Royal Ferguson, was also the Judge on the Michael
Blair case. For those of you that are not familiar with this Dallas
case, many of the experts and prosecutors on his case have been involved
in Darlie's. Michael was on death row for supposedly murdering a child.
He was found guilty by witnesses and police officers that lied and
experts that were inept and just plain wrong. Michael case was
overturned after 14 years through DNA testing.

This gives me hope that Judge Ferguson will see the same situation in
Darlie's case. Again …