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Some exciting news from Michelle Byrom and her Lawyers yesterday.

Lots of new people are being summoned to appear at her hearing. IMPORTANT people that may finally put an end to her nearly 10 year ordeal.

Important people like the judge and sheriff because they are people who withheld information in the original trial. Plus information about two confessions from the other defendants stating Michelle's innocence and why they weren't entered into evidence.

Michelle's medical evidence was never entered either. A medical expert is now on hand to explain the wide spectrum of meds that she had been prescribed as well as the effects and origins of Munchausen Syndrom from which she has suffered for years.

This should be interesting.

She also talked about her cousin Ann and her wish for me to converse with her. I have written to her and she is a reader of this blog.

Michelle expressed deep pain over her brother. He wrote to her and gave her a few dollars- not nearly enough to cove…
I'm a little creeped out.

I've told you all before that I had written to Antoinette Franks brother Adam.
It was about two years ago, give or take a few months.
Antoinette encouraged it and I think it was because she decided to stop writing me.
I wrote an article about her and she found it and read it.
I received a letter from her a short time later asking me not to do that again. She stated that she preferred that everyone forget about her crimes.
While I'm sure that is true I don't think she realizes that cannot happen.

The article I wrote on her was unbiased. Solely the facts and I thought it turned out rather well. I mentioned her crimes and charges but also gave her defense. At any rate I believe that is why she stopped writing me.

I wrote to her brother Adam and he wrote back right away. It was a nice letter, conversational, informative. He answered questions and volunteered much information.

My life got busy and I let my letter writing (to Adam) slide in lieu of more…