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DNA may solve century-old mystery of serial killer --

If your familar at all with female killers, and even famous, historic crimes and killers you know who Belle Gunness is.
A woman who says she shares a bloodline with Belle Gunness may help determine once and for all whether the notorious serial killer died in a farmhouse blaze a century ago, or staged her death and fled.
This article is fascinating!
Im here to come clean right away this time.

I have a new book contract on Beekeeping and I may be M.I.A for a while.
I'll sincerely try not to be. I was so surprised by al the mail I got when I got back last time. It was really nice and I do appreciate it. So much so that I dont want to stay away again.

I'll do my best to stay on track and schedule this blog along with my other work.

But if you know any good beekeepers please let me know!