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Cold Case: Brenda Banaski Missing Teen

Can this be?

Why didnt anyone care about this 6 year olds death? What happened to her? Who killed her?

in reference to: Ugly Girl Killed | The Onion - America's Finest News Source (view on Google Sidewiki)


  1. I think, of course, who and how important a life is to the investigator is and his/her goal in life, consider this news story from TN:

    Question: Should the state have to promote Hamblen County Sheriff Esco Jarnigan to Governor of Tennessee and jailer Harold Wolfe to the position of Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee or should the citizens be taxed 10.00 more property tax to pay Jarnigan 20 million dollars and Wolfe 15 million dollars as a payoff and retirement package? Also should the citizens be forced to pay 10 cents each time they go through a red light to help defend state and county officials be defended for any crime that is committed?

    A federal appeals court this week gave the green light to a lawsuit against Hamblen County Sheriff Esco Jarnigan for refusing to put back out on the road an employee who drove his cruiser drunk and crashed into a grocery store sign. The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion Thursday turning aside a bid by Jarnigan to have a lawsuit filed by jailer Harold Wolfe tossed out before it goes to trial. The court was supposed to review a similar decision by Greeneville U.S. Magistrate Judge Dennis Inman, who reluctantly had allowed the lawsuit to proceed. Instead, the appellate court focused most of its opinion criticizing Jarnigan's attorneys for raising issues Inman had not been asked to address. Inman seemed skeptical of Wolfe's contention that Jarnigan refused to promote him to deputy because Wolfe backed Jarnigan's political foe, ex-Sheriff Otto Purkey but noted that it would ultimately be a jury's call. According to Inman's rundown of Wolfe's case, Wolfe rose through the ranks of the Hamblen County Sheriff's Office, ultimately achieving the rank of lieutenant and title of chief of detectives. In 2000, however, a drunken Wolfe crashed his cruiser into a grocery store sign. He later pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and resigned. Purkey rehired Wolfe in 2005 as a jailer. Jarnigan, a longtime Morristown detective, ran against Purkey in the 2006 election and campaigned on a bid to clean up the sheriff's office of corruption and mismanagement. He specifically pointed to the rehiring of Wolfe, who backed Purkey in the 2006 election. Jarnigan won. Inman wrote that Wolfe later began an effort to win a patrol spot and routinely scored higher than other candidates. Jarnigan, however, refused to promote him. Why Jarnigan refused is at the crux of the federal legal court battle between him and Wolfe, who remains a jailer. Wolfe claims Jarnigan told him that he would not promote him because he backed Purkey in the 2006 race. Jarnigan contends Wolfe violated the public's trust in his 2000 drunken-driving incident and is ineligible to be a road deputy because of his conviction in that case. Jarnigan could seek a waiver for Wolfe but refuses, according to Inman. Wolfe tried to glean a secret confession from the sheriff and secretly recorded a conversation (Tape recorders, cameras,weapons etc.., are alos illegal in Federal,State and Local offices), Inman wrote, but the plan failed. "The transcript of the entire conversation utterly fails to reveal that the Sheriff's refusal was motivated as plaintiff claims in this litigation," Inman wrote. However, Wolfe has filed a sworn affidavit claiming that Jarnigan has cited his backing of Purkey in other conversations. Because of that, Inman said, a jury must decide if Wolfe's claims are credible. In its opinion, the federal appeals court agreed. The parties have set a January conference call to determine what happens next in the lawsuit.


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