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I gave a lecture today on the women of deatah row and it never ceases to touch my heart every time I do it. I've related the tales to young womens group homes and new police recruits as well as womens groups and true crime fans. Everything from anti dealth penalty rallys to book clubs have requested my lecture. Everyone is interested for a different reason.

Today I was in a small group home for teen girls close to my home. I stood in the living room and told the tales of how a girl can go wrong, how constant abuse can wreck a womans life from the inside out.

After the lecture I usually leave right away. This time I was stopped by a little girl about 13 with soft brown hair and ginger colored feckles across her nose. Her light brown eyes shone with a glossy tear and she whispered something I couldnt quite hear.

I bent down closer to her and said "What was that, hun?"

"I dont have to hate her now. I can just go on. I dont have to hate her."
Then she ran out of the r…
Here is the personal blog of convicted killer Joseph Edward Duncan III who kidnapped, killed and molested children all across the country.

He writes this from his cell and then mails it to a ghost blogger for posting. He also reads and responds to comments.
Texas Death Row Inmate plucks out his own eye and eats it...AGAIN!

He's on death row for killing his wife and two children by cutting out thier hearts which he put in plastic bags and threw away.