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Judy Neelley Gets a Parole Hearing

I just finished Leo Damore's book about Antone Costa. What a strange fellow he was. He killed and raped and dismembered at least four women. He was axtremly slippery and sneaky guy. After reading the book I googled around for him and found a post written by his son, Peter, talking about his father.
in reference to:
"a semi-autobiographical novel written by the man convicted of the murders, Antone "Tony" Costa. One chapter described two of the murders."
- Cape Cod Confidential : Antone "Tony" Costa, In His Own Words (view on Google Sidewiki)
Here she is folks, 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante, who dug a grave and then waited a week for the right time to kill a 9 year old girl for no other reason but for the experience. She confessed and led police to the body. Missouri will not sentence her to death. We know already that she has been treated for mental issues and raised in an unstable family by a grandparent. She has attempted suicide on previous occassions.
If she had been treated correctly previously would her 9 year old victim still be alive?