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More on Alyssa Bustamante, the 15 year old murderess...

Alyssa was in court this week and her attorney has entered a not-guilty plea to charges of first degree murder and armed criminal action in the October 21 stabbing and strangling of 9 year old Elizabeth Olten.

The arraignment Tuesday lasted one minute as Bustamante sat silently in the courtroom and carefully avoided eye contact with anyone.

Yesterday Alyssa’s attorney asked that the trial  be moved outside Cole County because the locals there are biased against her. The attorney says there is no way she can get a fair trial in Cole County because they are so prejudiced against her. If she is found guilty for this she willmost likely be sentenced to life in prison.
One of the only two women on Tennessee's Death row is closer to her execution. The state has filed a motion to set an execution date for Gaile Owens.

In a motion filed Tuesday, the state said Owens had exhausted her three-tier appeals process after the U.S. Supreme Court last month denied her petition for a rehearing.

Owens was convicted in 1986 in Shelby County for the murder-for-hire of her husband. The 57-year-old was the first female to receive the death penalty in Tennessee.

She is accused of hiring Sidney Porterfield to kill her husband with a tire iron. Porterfield was also sentenced to death and is still on death row.