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The death penalty is crap. Nonsense. Who says?
I say.
Oh but not only me- also The American Law Institute. That's right, The American Law Institute fashioned a team of investigators who engaged in a study of all the criticisms of the death penalty and you know what they said?
Screw it.
They threw up their hands and  said  its broke and we cant fix it.
EXACTLY what Ive been telling people for years.

Dont believe me? Check it out below:

Death penalty loses legitimacy as top lawyers distance themselves

By Editorial Board

http://www.stltoday .com/blogzone/ the-platform/ published- editorials/ 2010/01/death- penalty-loses- legitimacy- as-top-lawyers- distance- themselves/

Missouri Department of Corrections' execution chamber at the Eastern Reception and Diagnostic Center in 2005. GABRIEL B. TAIT / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

Lawyers think no problem has been invented that they can’t puzzle through, solve or argue their way out of.

So, there’s reason to pause when they throw up their hands and walk away from a fight. That’s what the nation’s pre-eminent group of legal scholars and practitioners has done with capital punishment. It says that problems associated with the death penalty are “intractable” — that the system is so broken that it no longer is willing to lend it legitimacy.

The American Law Institute has a significant stature in the legal profession, analogous to the National Academy of Sciences. It strives to improve, simplify and promote certainty within broad categories of law — such as contracts, remedies, property, trusts, torts, unfair competition, remedies and criminal law. Its work is painstaking in detail, glacial in pace and technical in nature.

Committees produce and revise drafts of copious model codes and restatements of the law, circulating them for comment and debate. Only those that survive the gauntlet of reviews are put to a vote of its general membership.

For nearly 50 years, the institute proposed what it considered to be the best legal framework for imposing the death penalty, standards that became part of its Model Penal Code.

But the organization has re-examined its position in light of actual experience. It commissioned a comprehensive study that sought to impartially weigh criticisms of how the death penalty functions in practice.

In late October, the membership voted to withdraw the Model Penal Code provision. The decision was based on what the members view as “intractable institutional obstacles to ensuring a minimally adequate system for administering capital punishment.”

These doubts should be familiar to citizens of Missouri and Illinois who have witnessed fundamental failures from close range.

Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan lost confidence in the system’s ability to prevent the executions of innocent people. He instituted a moratorium and then cleared out death row, pardoning four death row inmates and commuting the remaining death penalty sentences to life imprisonment.

Executions also are on hold in Missouri. Missouri uses a three-chemical “cocktail” that is supposed to anesthetize and paralyze the inmate before bringing about a massive heart attack, causing the condemned person’s death.

The state had been performing executions without fixed protocol. The chemicals had been administered by personnel with dubious medical credentials and who failed to keep accurate logs.

Now the courts are considering the constitutionality of Missouri’s efforts to remedy these problems.

The American Law Institute recruits the nation’s best, brightest and most accomplished lawyers, judges and scholars in the nation. Its members come from a wide ideological spectrum and take positions only by consensus.

They have not endorsed or opposed the abolition of capital punishment. But they have concluded that the framework that they proposed in 1962 “has not withstood the tests of time and experience.” They have decided that they no longer are willing to be complicit in how the death penalty is being administered.

An increasing number of Americans see the death penalty for what it is: a brutal, freakish system of punishment that is resistant to competent administration and that is dehumanizing to us all.

Now, even the sharpest lawyers are distancing themselves from the most severe punishment. They have concluded that it’s not worth trying to fix — or even to make an argument on its behalf. It cannot be fixed.


  1. she needs to be fried. She had to guts to committ the crime she can suffer the consequenses. What did those kids do to her. They hadn't lived long enough to make a mistake. The truth is the two things that all criminal find once they get caught are God and Family should have found religion before committing the crime. she wouldn't have done it. why should my tax dollars pay for the rest of her life. Some people are just inherently evil and are beyond rehabilitation. the jail is full of repeat offenders. the death sentence should be administered No later than 30 days after conviction. We have become a society of excuses for bad behavior that is why criminals from other countries come here and commit horrific crimes because they know some idiot bleeding heart is going to say they are misunderstoon or drugs or alcohol made them do it. not so those substances give people the courage to do what they normally want to do but lack the courage. The state needs to go back to handling jails it should not be a privitized money lucrative businsess like it is. start emptying some of these prisons. Repeat offenders and those committing first offenses are not affraid of our justice system that is why they repeat. all rapist, Murderers, drug dealers, child molesters, should be put to death. In the case of murder if it is not to save yourlife or the life of another you need to die. And I love the Lord and read my bible. I believe in an eye for eye. its open on children and the elderly and those mothers selling their kids into sex slavery death penalty. A groan man forcing his sex organ into a infant or little child the death penalty if you refuse to castrate him. He needs to be castrated and dipped in boilling salt water. I am sick to death of excuses.

  2. WOW. While I respect your opinion you made so many nonsensical remarks in this comment its hard to sympathise with you. First off- who needs to be fried? Secondly- have you researched the recent documentation that shows that the death penalty is not a deterrent. If it was, why would "criminal come from other countries" as you suggest? If you read the bible can you tell me where it says Thou shalt not kill except for when the state says its OK? Execution with 30 days? What about all those people who have been executed and later found to be innocent? You have lots of misinformation in this comment. Its hard to side with you when you don't know what your talking about.


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