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Confessions of an American Black Widow

The Confessions of an American Black Widow
Gregg Olsen

Sharon Lynn Fuller Douglas Nelson Harrelson was a bad bitch.
She slinked her way through man after man after man with wild abandon. Some she married, some she slept with but only one did she love.

Marriage to Sharon was a way out. A way out of her claustrophobicly religious parents house. A way out of a dull marriage with a pastor and long days spent chatting with church ladies. A way out of debt. A way out of a hum drum life as a wife and mother.

Marriage was also a means to an end for Sharon. A means to new cars and gold jewlry and $100,000 mountain homes.

Seperate from all that was sex. Thats right ladies and gents- S.E.X.  Sex was a way out of the boredom and a way to prove to herself and everyone else that she was hot, that she was desirable, that she was needed and wanted. She was Sher.

Once Sher figured out how to use both to her advantage there simply was no stopping her.

I loved, loved loved this book. I'm a true crime nut. I read them all. I find them at Goodwill and yard sales. I dig them out of bins and pull them out of peoples closets. I'll read them from 1955 or 2011. It doesnt matter to me. It's the story.

This book is more than true crime. It is a story. It reads like a thriller. You can see it in your head like an episode of  CSI. I had trouble puting it down and frankly Im finished with it and I wanna pick it back up.

You just cant get over Sharon's audacity, her impudence, her BALLS. Every man she tosses in the hay is somehow madly smitten with her. They all told their friends about her kisses, her smile, her AHEM...

One in particular, Gary Starr Adams, became more to her than any other. Together they killed two of her husbands and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance money and languished away long hours in her Colorado mountain  "Round House" mansion.

But, like all fairy tales, hers came to an end.
Except hers isnt happily ever after.

Greed and sex were as much her undoing as it was her beginning.

This book left me feeling sorry for Sher. Her parents screwed her mind up and at early age and she never had the knowledge or inclination to fix it.

Sharon is in the LaVista Correctional Facility in Pueblo, Colorado where she will remain until she is at least 85 years old. Her hot, rugged mountain man lover, Gary Starr Adams is locked away in his portion of Colorado.

Still in love with Sher.


  1. Just so you know. It's not just a story. It's reality. I am the daughter of "Sher". Yes I was very young when all of this happened. Her actions changed my life. Glad it was a good read for you. At least you can put the book down and never pick it up again. I live with it every day. Life does go on and I am grown with a family of my own however some days, like today it isn't all that long ago. How would you feel if I called your mom a "bad ass bitch"...?

  2. I'm very sorry for what she put you through as a child.

    I did enjoy the book and mentioned that it is reality.

    How would I feel if you called my mom a Bad Ass Bitch? Had she killed anyone previous I would have been thankful you hadnt called her much worse.

  3. Elonway, I can feel your resounding hurt from this situation with your mother. I would like to suggest something to you, maybe instead of "putting the book down and never picking it up again" you should learn to accept and adjust to the situation? Putting it on a shelf is not going to change the situation or how you feel about it. I felt led to pick a card for you actually jumped from the deck, Lady Nada Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter card.....there are a number of meanings for this card, but the one that stands out the most based on your post is "Be willing to forgive a woman in your life that has hurt you!" Kia Ora (Be Well!)

  4. How does one forgive or forget someone so evil! I read this book, was appalled that any person could find any sympathy for this pure evil person. Even after admitting to committing these senseless crimes, she still manages to smile brilliantly in her mug shot! Could anything be sicker?

  5. To be appalled that someone can feel sympathy and empathy is very strange, I think.


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