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Wanted: Gentleman Bank Robber
Dane Batty

Here is a tale of action, adventure and romance. It is real. The characters are still living and this story has yet to end.

Bank robberies, car theft rings and millions of dollars into a life straight out of MGM. Les Rogge tells us how it started, why it kept going and how it ended. We hear first hand tales of sailing away to the Bahamas and weeks on deserted beaches with only the sea and pot loads of money between him.

Its worth the read if your a true crime fan but if your looking for a polished novel with a 007 plot line this is not it. It is a charming tale and the fact that it is told from a family point of view makes it irresistible and almost impossible to put down. You learn how it feels to be a relative of a full tilt bank robber.

Its told from Les Rogges words with occasional side notes from the author, Rogges nephew, Dane Batty, along with occasional remarks from a family standpoint.
There are several photos as well.

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