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Ive written to Tiffany Cole.
She is the only woman on Florida's death row since Virginia Larzelere was commuted to life.
Tiffany and three other men , one her boyfriend, kidnapped, tortured and buried alive an elderly, disabled couple in 2007.

She may not write back since she is still so fresh to the row and still in line for all her appeals. Her case is so cut and dry tho I dont forsee much help with her appeals. They have ATM photos and shots of Tiffany and Co in a limo with handfuls of cash and champaigne.
The death penalty is crap. Nonsense. Who says?
I say.
Oh but not only me- also The American Law Institute. That's right, The American Law Institute fashioned a team of investigators who engaged in a study of all the criticisms of the death penalty and you know what they said?
Screw it.
They threw up their hands and  said  its broke and we cant fix it.
EXACTLY what Ive been telling people for years.

Dont believe me? Check it out below:

Death penalty loses legitimacy as top lawyers distance themselves

By Editorial Board

http://www.stltoday .com/blogzone/ the-platform/ published- editorials/ 2010/01/death- penalty-loses- legitimacy- as-top-lawyers- distance- themselves/

Missouri Department of Corrections' execution chamber at the Eastern Reception and Diagnostic Center in 2005. GABRIEL B. TAIT / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

Lawyers think no problem has been invented that they can’t puzzle through, solve or argue their way out of.

So, there’s reason to pause when they throw up their …
Unfortunately, the mobile blogging trip to Judy Neelley's neighborhood has been cancelled because I am snowed in my home. I live fairly far in the country. My drive way is a half mile long. It needs gravel badly and has huge holes in it that are no small ice skating rinks.

So, I'm stuck here but maybe I will get some work done instead!. I could always give you all mobile blogging from my home office. I don't think that would be quite as interesting though!