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Darlie Routier is innocent. The state of Texas is allowing her to be prosecuted and no one is doing anything about it. The world is standing by, watching this woman rot in prison for crimes she did not commit. Have you read Precious Angels? This book by Barbra Davis details all the reason that Darlie is guilty written by someone who was in court every single day of the trial and has poured over the evidence. But guess what happened when she was presented with new evidence? She changed her mind. She realized Darlie is innocent and that the state of Texas is dirty, filthy even.

Read the statement Barbra Davis posted on her site here. This was after her book was published and she recants all of the book and says why.

So now what do you think?
Remember Michelle Anderson? She and her boyfriend, James McElroy killed her entire family two years ago on Chrsitmas Eve in Washington. She shot her mother and father then waited for her brother and his family to arrive. She then shot and killed her brother, his wife and their two children 7 and 3.

Michelle's case is just now coming around to trial. Prosecution will attempt to give her the death penalty but her lawyers are fighting against it. That doesnt seem to be enough for her, twice she has asked for new lawyers saying hers are dishonest. She has also asked for charges to be dropped against her boyfriend and that kidnapping charges be levied against her. She claims that his participation was forced.

She has been denied the change of lawyers and there will be no charges dropped on her boyfriend.