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Woman killed psychic for failing to save her love-life

A woman faces the death penalty after she travelled 2,500 miles - most of the way across the United States - to murder a fortune-teller in California who she blamed for her failed love-life.
I received my letter from Tiffany Cole yesterday. She is actually very pretty. Her trial photos and mug shots do her no justice. I have no idea if she is guilty or not we have not discussed it. She spoke a lot about missing her family and how she has gotten closer to them since she has been in jail. She said that she gets lots of new mail from people she doesnt know. I dont have the heart to tell her that since she is new to death row that is to be expected but soon enough she will hear from no one.
Teen murder suspect has hearing today : News : KRCG

The 15 year old girl who murdered -just for the feeling- is moving closer to a sentence. She has a hearing today but was excused from appearing.