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Dastardly day of disappointment…

I’m crushed. I had my heart set on meeting Dog the Bounty Hunter Sunday.I interviewed him a few years back for our local paper, The Saturday Independent. Just my luck they have cancelled their trip here. I could travel 4 hours to Chattanooga or Columbia but I don’t see that happening with all 6 kids. Sigh…

I so admire Dog and Beth and the hard work they put in to help people, even though they have been or are in trouble. They seem to be a few of the few. You know, those that realize that just because a person has made mistakes in life doesn’t make them something you have scraped off the bottom of your shoe.

Your best life starts after you know better.
Tennessee Supreme Court seems to be taking it's sweet time dciding what to do about Gaile Owens. Seems odd with so much to base a decision on. All they really need to do is look at every single previous case to a woman convicted of killing their husband and compare the details.

Gaile hired someone to kill her husband after extreme abuse and they have her on death row. Other women like the smiling, happy and free Mary Winkler who actually did the killing of her husband are free. What gives?