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Tennessee Supreme Court is still deliberating whether to set an execution date for Tennessee death row inmate, Gaile Owens. The ruling could be announced any day. If the court sets a date, Gaile's last hope for clemency will rest with Governor Bredesen.

Gaile has expressed remorse for her husband's murder and was willing to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence. She is a model inmate at the Tennessee Prison for Women where she works as a clerk. Recently, advocates for victims of domestic violence, such as the YWCA, have publicly asked that Gaile's sentence be commuted given the lack of resources available to battered women at the time of the crime.

A recent review of nine similar cases featured in the Tennessean shows that over the past 25 years, six of the women in these cases have since received full probation or early parole, two others are serving life sentences but are entitled to parole hearings, and only one, Gaile Owens, is facing a death sentence after 23…
Two new letters today, Tiffany Cole & Kelly Gissendaner - BUT before I get into those I want to rant.
I want to rant about people who are to stupid to look at this blog and see that I DO NOT BELIEVE in the death penalty.

Dear Regular Reader,

Is there anything else I can possibly put on here to make my position known on the death penalty?
If so, do tell.

In one of the letters I recieved today I was informed that she (the gal on death row) heard from a friend of hers who "had a bad dream and woke up to find a post on her at Woman Condemned".

BARF!! Gimme a freaking break.

She went on to say that whoever this lurker is had copied my words and sent them to her.
Again... geesh ...

In my many years of writing to these women, publishing their newsletter, arranging donations, attorneys and etc I have ran across this type of "mystery girl" before. Lurking around, reading, starting shit but not actually posting here or even writing to me with a thought or opinion.

Oh no…
Tennessee Voices - Letter from a TN Governors Son

As governor, my father, Frank Clement Sr., truly struggled with the responsibility and legal right to decide who lives and who dies under the death penalty. He did not feel it was a responsibility that should be left entirely to the governor.

During his second term, men did die in the electric chair. I remember seeing the anguish my father suffered as the hour of execution grew closer. He would personally talk with each inmate on death row and ask them the simple question: "Why should I save your life?" Some inmates had lied all the way through the legal process, but when facing my father's question, some did say, "Governor, you should not intervene." Even then, the decision was no easier for my father, because he would also meet with the families of inmates, including wives and children. To my know-ledge, he's the only governor who met face-to-face with families of the men he knew he would not save from the…
Many of my readers are not concerned with the death penalty at all, rather they are true crime buffs, crime watchers or, like the viewers of Snapped, just interested in women in crime. I am all of these things, hence, this blog was born.

Often when I watch television or movies a certain woman will jump out at me and I will be fascinated by her story. This happened recently with Dawn Schiller. I watched Wonderland for the first time this weekend. I know, where have I been, right? Not only did I not know about the Wonderland Murders (I know, thats it incredibly wierd for someone so up on crime and murders. What can I say- I slipped) but I had no clue who John Holmes was. (If there is anyone out there as clueless as I was, John was a famous porn star with a huge weenie).

Dawn was the 15 year old girlfriend of the married and 31 year old John Holmes.  WTF!? you say? So did I. I went went straight to Google and searched for Dawn after the movie and found she is very much alive, produced th…