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Death Row and the Pussy Pass « A Voice for Men

This article stands for itself really. I decided to post it here because it is obvious this guy really, truly believes in his opinion. He makes some good points and he is coming from a good place.

I respect what he says but disagree.

Oh boy do I disagree.

Akira Daily News!

Akira Daily News!

According to this news release the Govenor will not be commuting Teresa Lewsis sentence.
She will be executed.
Is the Death Penalty a Deterrent?
Guest Blogger: Broden & Mickelsen

The most common justification I hear for the death penalty is that it deters crime. When I consider the hundreds of death penalty cases with which I am familiar, and the dozen or so which I have worked on personally, I am always puzzled by this position. I ask myself, "Have the people that advocate this proposition taken a close look at death penalty defendants?"

Most death penalty defendants are guilty, and in my opinion, most defendants committed their crime as a result of three common factors. First, they are anti-social. In other words, they have an inability to relate normally to fellow human beings. They hold themselves in low regard and hold their fellow man in equally low regard. Second, they have low intelligence. Intelligent anti-social people engage in fraud or selfish business practices. Anti-social people of low intelligence rob a convenient store clerk for a $100 and then kill him unnecessar…
Her name is Teresa Lewis, she is the only woman on death row at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women, and her appeals have all but expired. If she is executed, she will become another glaring example of the unfairness of our death penalty system.- John Grisham

Teresa Now and Then
Death Penalty News: On death row, Teresa Lewis pleads for her life

Well, we decided that Gaile Owens in TN could receive clemency because she was not the actual murderer but a conspirator (among other reasons). We freed Mary Winkler all together and gave her the chance to live it up working at a dry cleaner in McMinnville, TN and she actually KILLED her hubs.

But here we all sit staring at each other once again. Twiddling our thumbs and playing grab ass while Teresa Lewis awaits her September 23 execution date.

She conspired to have a hit man kill her husband and step son for insurance money. The actual hit men received life sentences but Virginia is about to kill Teresa.
First woman in Virginia in 100…

Will Convicted Child-Killer Debra Milke Win New Trial? We're Betting She Will - Phoenix News - Valley Fever

Will Convicted Child-Killer Debra Milke Win New Trial? We're Betting She Will - Phoenix News - Valley FeverThis whole situation with Debra Mile is exactly the type of thing I’m always bitching about. Why do you think I stand up here on my soap box all day pissing and moaning?Debra was a single mom almost two decades ago. She took help where and when she could get it, like so many other single moms have to do. She had a roommate that offered to take her kid to see Santa at the local mall. Instead he took him out to the desert and killed him.Fast forward to when she reports her son missing. Phoenix police detective Armando Saldate takes her into an interrogation room, comes out hours later saying she confessed to the murder. No tape, no other officers present, nothing.She is convicted on it. No I’m not shitting you.She has been sitting in death row for two decades now waiting for a new trial. Let’s hope she gets it. We owe her at least that.
My daughters and I watched Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale last night.

My 11 year old wasnt real impressed. She bailed out about half way through and started reading the Vampire Diaries. Go figure.

The 9 year old however was amazed. She fell right into the Barbie-licious world of fashion and Flairies and friendship and fun. She was glued to the set. She made me pause it so she could pee.

She has claimed from the age of four that she was going to be a vet when she grows up. She loved Barbies poodle Sequin, and after watching one of the special features on the DVD- I Can Be a Fashion Designer-she promptly decided she would design pet fashions and have a corner of her vets office dedicated to pet fashions.

I was quite entralled myself, Im not ashamed to say. All things girlie and glittery appeal to me on some level and watching my daughter so tickled with the doll I grew up loving made me wonder.

What happened to the Barbie in all of us chicks? Even if you were the type to trap barbie in…