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Some Bizarre Death Penalty Laws
Author: Broden & Mickelsen

Recently I had a Federal judge reject my attempts to keep a client on death row from being executed. I was appointed to represent the defendant after he had lost his trial; lost his appeal in state court; and lost his attempt to convince the trial judge to find his case constitutionally flawed pursuant to a "writ of habeas corpus." I was appointed, as Federal law provides, to represent him in relation to his final "appeals" to Federal court.

After I was appointed to represent him I asked the judge to let me have investigators and the funds to thoroughly review his case. Eventually the court agreed to let me do this. The evidence of guilt was overwhelming but the investigation revealed that the trial attorneys had failed to put on hardly any evidence in the phase of the trial in which the jury is supposed to hear all the evidence relevant to the question of whether he should live or die. The Supreme Cour…

Teresa Lewis execution: 'I watched a woman die': One witness' first-hand account | Mail Online

Teresa Lewis execution: 'I watched a woman die': One witness' first-hand account Mail Online

Here is a woman who was at the execution of Teresa Lewis decribing the ordeal.
Is Execution by Lethal Injection Painful?
Guest Author: Broden &Mickelsen

The Supreme Court heard arguments with respect to execution by lethal injection constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. Lethal injection has become the standard method of execution in the United States, Nevada being the only exception by relying on the electric chair.

Almost all jurisdictions which employ lethal injection rely on a "three drug cocktail." First a drug is administered that renders the condemned prisoner unconscious; second, a drug is administered that paralyzes the prisoner; and third, road salt is injected into the blood stream to stop the heart.

If the inmate is unconscious when the last drug is administered he or she will feel no pain. The concern arises form the fact that the first drug will wear off and the inmate will be conscious when the third drug is administered. In this eventuality the condemned man or woman will experience a horrible, excruciating death. Apparently the p…

Teresa Lewis is Executed; What Made Her Case So Interesting? - Law Blog - WSJ

Teresa Lewis is Executed; What Made Her Case So Interesting? - Law Blog - WSJ

The above is a Wall Street Journal article on Teresa Lewis now that she has been executed.

Keep this in mind.

They killed Teresa in YOUR name. As an American citizen, we allow the government to kill people as a form of punishment for killing people.

If your adverse to having your blessing insinuated with every legal murder committed in the country it is time to make your objections heard.

Do not stand around silently and allow murders to be carried out in your name.

As Teresa Lewis faces execution, death penalty expert says evidence doesn't support lethal sentence

Teresa Lewis Last Meal Request: Fried Chicken, Apple Pie - Crimesider - CBS News

Confessions of an American Black Widow

The Confessions of an American Black Widow
Gregg Olsen

Sharon Lynn Fuller Douglas Nelson Harrelson was a bad bitch.
She slinked her way through man after man after man with wild abandon. Some she married, some she slept with but only one did she love.

Marriage to Sharon was a way out. A way out of her claustrophobicly religious parents house. A way out of a dull marriage with a pastor and long days spent chatting with church ladies. A way out of debt. A way out of a hum drum life as a wife and mother.

Marriage was also a means to an end for Sharon. A means to new cars and gold jewlry and $100,000 mountain homes.

Seperate from all that was sex. Thats right ladies and gents- S.E.X.  Sex was a way out of the boredom and a way to prove to herself and everyone else that she was hot, that she was desirable, that she was needed and wanted. She was Sher.

Once Sher figured out how to use both to her advantage there simply was no stopping her.

I loved, loved loved this book. I'm a true …
Two women's death row cases share similarities | Richmond Times-Dispatch
Marilyn Kay Plantz, executed in 2001 by the state of Oklahoma, persuaded her younger lover and his pal to kill her husband for insurance money and stood by as they brutally did so.
Marilyn’s case is almost exactly like Teresa Lewis’ case. Marilyn and her coconspirators are now dead by electrocution. Teresa's coconspiritors committed suicide in prison and she is awaiting her upcoming execution September 23, 2010.
William Bryson, Marilyn Plantz 18 year old lover she asked to kill her husband.

Marilyn and Teresa

La. Supreme Court rules in favor of judge in Antoinette Frank case | | News

La. Supreme Court rules in favor of judge in Antoinette Frank case News

This article tells of some of the many mistakes made in Antoinette Franks trial. She, however, has always stated to me that while she wants the mistakes known, she is guilty and ready to pay the price for the crimes she committed.