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Mother accused of murdering twin daughters with samurai sword makes first court appearance

Mother accused of murdering twin daughters with samurai sword makes first court appearanceThe death penalty is on the table for this woman. She almost decapitated one three year old twin and severely sliced up the other. They she stacked them against the door, set the apartment on fire and cut her throat.A neighbor came in a sliding glass door and found the sword in the hallway along with a bottle of pills. This article has an eerie picture of her sitting in court staring straight into the camera.
I have always been fascinated with killers, murderers and evil people. Some people believe those of us who have this fascination have had traumatic events in our childhood. While I wont dispute that theory all together I will say that it isn't the whole truth. There are other factors. These are man-made monsters not a mishap of nature. 

If your familiar with me and my work you know that I concentrate on women who kill. I wont say I hold this fascination ONLY because of traumatic events in my childhood but I do know that it plays a large part in it.

I watched my mother go through my childhood badly beaten and in and out of hospitals and homeless shelters running from my abusive father. She would always return to him. i saw this as weak and pathetic as a kid and teen but i also sensed her great strength. I don't know why she returned after each beating but i know that if anyone had reason to snap and kill someone she did. Though she never did i always half expected it. Waited f…

State Goes Overseas For Lethal Injection Drug : NPR

State Goes Overseas For Lethal Injection Drug : NPRMore news on Arizona buying their execution drug from Great Britain. They finally coughed up the truth and admitted to buying it overseas. This is just ridiculous folks. Maybe we should look at it as a sign from a higher power. The drugs we use to kill people who kill people are not available in the country. Executions have been on hold all over the country because of this shortage. Please, somebody with some brains say something.
Secretly trafficking and then openly using unapproved drugs is now A-OK. That’s the message sent out yesterday by the Arizona Supreme Court, which allowed state officials to conceal their source for sodium thiopental (we know only that it’s NOT Hospira, the one FDA-approved supplier), and to continue with plans to execute Jeffrey Landrigan on October 26.

Normally, if you acquired a controlled substance from a non-FDA approved source and announced your intention to use it for a non-FDA approved purpose, you would expect some sort of legal trouble. But, apparently, as long as that non-FDA approved purpose is putting someone to death, the normal rules don’t apply. Instead, you get to keep the source of your drug supply a secret, and you get to use those drugs however you want.

As for Jeffrey Landrigan, some DNA testing litigation in his case continues, and there is a clemency hearing on Friday. Landrigan’s case is sadly typical, in that his trial lawyer failed miserably to present miti…

Teenage ‘Hiccup Girl’ could face death penalty -

Teenage ‘Hiccup Girl’ could face death penalty - thestar.comRemember the girl who had hiccups for 5 weeks back in 2007? She is on her way to death row.