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U.S. faces calls for the death penalty end | news

U.S. faces calls for the death penalty end | newsThe entire world is looking at the U.S. like we are the biggest idiots this side of Mars. The entire United Nations scolded the U.S. like spoiled child for which the three jurisdictions -. Texas, Virginia and Oklahoma – account for more than half the country’s executions.What a complete embarrassment.
Its a scary thought but many people believe that every single one of us could be a murderer if the circumstances were there. You might think to yourself, "well, if my child were in danger or if it were a life or death situation..."

But what about other circumstances? I know a young woman who sits on death row now for the murder of her boyfriends parents. She was 17 at the time and he was 22. She was very caught up in the love and attention she received for him and would have followed him blindly into hell, happily. Now that is exactly where she is. Years later she wonders how she ever did what she did.

Then there is Christa Pike who sits on death row for the killing of a rival for her boyfriend. Her mother knew something was wrong with her mentally and asked the state and doctors for help for her for many, many years only to be turned down.

Then there is Andrea Yates and Susan Smith, who killed their children. Each received very different punishments. One deemed insane, the…