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Iraq Veteran Matthew Perkins Facing Death Penalty | Gather

 Iraq Veteran Matthew Perkins Facing Death Penalty | Gather

I went to court on the 8th to see Matthew. It was harrowing and sad. I wasn't allowed in at first because Id gotten there to early. I had to sit in the restroom and wait for the bailiff's to begin allowing people in.

I sat in the very front row and hoped that when they brought him in he recognized me from the pictures I've sent him. He was very close to the head of the docket and came in quietly.

The judge announced his charges of capital murder. His public defender expressed his desire to post pone the next hearing until he could get his motions in order and said that he would have many, many motions to file.

Matthew was a bigger man than I imagined. Very thick but not fat. Stocky with many tattoos. His army background was apparent in his proud stance, build and tattoos.

He was the recruiter who had a hand in my sons joining the Army and he lived close to me when he murdered his girlfriend. I felt a pull toward this case that I cant explain.

I don't understand how so many people have turned their back on him when he fought for this country. He was unwavering in his support of America and yet the country has turned their back on him. Its devastating.

If only the army would have given him the help he asked for. If only someone would have listened to him when he said he felt wrong inside. Stephanie and her children would be living.

I introduced myself to his family on the way out of the courtroom. They were hesitant and a bit rude but I understand why. I tried to explain that I just don't believe in the death penalty and that Matthew recruited my son. I feel some sort of dedication to him. I feel a need to support him.

I do not believe he will get the death penalty. PTSD should not be a death sentence in itself and the family of the victims does not wish to see it proceed.

I can only hope that the world and the Army will see that this is not your average murder case.  Help this man.


  1. Are you kidding me right now?!? You are defending a MONSTER! He will get the death penality and that is what the family of the victims wants! He cut the throats of a mother and her 2 innocent babies!!! Not because he was PTSD, but because he was high on crystal meth. You are SICK SICK SICK!!!! Justice for the innocent NOT the GUILTY!

  2. No. Im not kidding you right now. He is not a monster. Have you not looked into this case before you start spewing hatred? What do you know of PTSD? What do you base your opinion on? Anything other than blind rage? Are you a doctor? Are you a specialist of some kind that knows it all? I think not. Your a person spouting hatred behind a smokescreen.I feel sorry for you.

  3. you need to be in jail with him. your as sick as he is defending him... i knew her and the babies, they did not diserve that. i also knew him and he was what WE in the army call a "PAPA OSCAR SIERRA"..... he didnt need to murder my friend, he was screened by the army for P.T.S.D. several times he was fine. he diserves anything he gets

  4. Oh you poor, poor fucktard. You are undoubtedly the same asinine redneck who wrote the earlier comment. You hillbillys are so unbelievably stupid.Just a little FYI, he was not screened for PTSD. How stupid.Its public information. You weren't ever in any Army unless it was the Army of Fucktards. Of course they didn't deserve it. Who said they did. If you truly have something to say stop hiding behind you gay made up profiles and make yourself known.

  5. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Have you ever thought of Stephanie's family in this case? Have you ever had to find out your close family was brutally murdered and stuff in trash bags? Until you realize how that feels, you shut your fucking mouth. People should defend him because he fought for our country? Yes, good for him, he fought for our country, so are you saying that gives him the right to stab his girlfriend and her two sons to death? If you payed more attention to the news, he was tested for PTSD, and FAILED IT! That was his excuse that did not work out... Also, if you paid attention to the news, he was doing meth. He was big into it too... So because he fought for our country and was doing hardcore street drugs, he should be given a freebie and allowed off for beating the shit out of 3 innocent people? Fuck off you dirty scumbag, maybe you can be his butt buddy in prison.

  6. Truly, I understand why you feel the way you do. I don't feel he had the right to take anyone's life. I never said that. Your mistaken in your recollection of news reports. Those statements are untrue.
    Yes, he was a drug abuser.That doesn't make you a murderer. Unfortunately, we will never know what happened to Matthew but good men just don't kill people. He was always a good father, a courageous soldier and a fine man by everyone's accounts. Something happened to his mind. He asked for help and was denied it. Does he want sympathy? No he doesnt. Does he want leniency? No he doesnt. He only wants to warn people of what can happen in the aftermath of war. Pay attention. Learn from this. See beyond the headlines if you want to know the truth.


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