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An old High school acquaintance,John, who I chat with occasionally on Facebook mentioned to me today that he had been hearing a lot about the Innocence Project and their great work of late in exonerating innocent people.

John is a military fellow floating around on a ship somewhere most of the time and even he has heard of the many people set free because of archived DNA evidence.

It seems we are all hearing this more and more often. Then lets think about the women I talk with. Tiffany Cole, Angela Johnson, Shonda Johnson and Cynthia Coffman are all facing death because of crimes they were not even present for.

The death penalty is not only "iffy" but also erred. This blog post tells us that support for the death penalty is waning in such recent light.
Aileen Wournous Speaks From the Grave

Her book- letters to her friend Dawn called "Dear Dawn" is released this year. SOOOO excited. I cant wait!

The dark side of society can be as fascinating as it is scary. The psychology of murder can captivate scholars and the average joe alike with its violent twists and turns. For many people the complexities of murder and violent crime become more than just a job or a hobby and become a personal passion. There are several tours of famous murder sites across the country for those who are interested in criminal history and murderabilia.

The manson murders will forever be known across the world as one of the most horrific murder sprees in history. Charles manson and his hippy family communed together on an old movie ranch and conspired to wreak havoc with murder and mayhem throughout the valleys of Southern California. They commited two sets of murders in two seperate houses in California that still stand today. There are several tours of these sites as well as those including the ranch where the Manson family lived and sites of other crimes.

The Villisca ax murders took place in 1912 in a …