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In John Warners book Fondling Your Muse he gives a quiz to tell if your a real writer. One of the questions is
"Do you find a way to tell everyone that your a writer no matter what the context? For example, when your dry cleaner asks if you want starch do you say "Im a writer, you know?" or when you take your car in for a tune up do you say something like "As a mechanic you fix cars; as a writer, I fix the human soul."

I think thats pretty hilarious. Quite accurate, but hilarious.
Why do you think this is? Are writers vain? I think to an extent every writer thinks highly of themselves. Is that vain? Is there one type of writer more vain than another?
McAnulty transported to Oregon woman's death row, appeal begins - Breaking News, Local News, Local Weather, Local SportsAngela was given the death penalty by unanimous vote. She will now begin the mandatory appeals process. Angela is only the 2nd women ever on death row in Oregon. She is the first since it was reinstated in the 80’s.