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Murder Podcasts

From: Suzanne Labarre at Fastco Design

Call it morbid fascination, but we’ve always wondered what death-row inmates ate for their last supper. Donuts? KFC? A nice, juicy onion?

All of the above, it turns out. Graphic designer James Reynolds recreated the final food requests of nine American prisoners executed between 1963 and 2006, then photographed the meals -- each starkly arranged on an inmate-orange cafeteria tray -- in his London studio. He titled the series, appropriately, Last Suppers.

The photos are haunting. Consider the meal for John Wayne Gacy aka the Killer Clown: a bucket of original-recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken (which is extra creepy because Gacy had worked for KFC and abused male employees there). Or the one for Eddie Lee Mays, the last man executed in New York state, who, in an ultimate middle finger to the whole lousy system (we presume), eschewed provisions altogether, instead opting for a pack of Pall Malls. With these pictures, Reynolds has created a final slice of…