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How is Math Used in Criminal Justice?

Real World Projects for Math & Criminal Justice

Math and criminal justice are entertwined in many ways. Traffic cops, balistics experts and crime scene investigators all us math on a daily basis during the course of their jobs. Students of criminal justice undertake real world projects to strengthen their understanding of math and criminal justice.

Statistics are used regularly by those who research the criminal justice field. Mathematical applications like mean, median and mode, as well as histograms and percentages are all used when figuring and presenting criminal justice information. The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics compiles reports of this information available for public viewing. Using actual statistics on the states with the highest rates of crime, student can perform a real world interpretation of the information and determine the safest place to live in the country. This interpretation is comprised of compar…
Barbara Starr Smith barely escaped the death penalty this week even though she murdered two people including an infant and attempted to kill another.

She had a romance with a man named Romeo and married him. By all accounts of family and coworkers she was a hard working woman and a loyal loving wife. She had never so much as received a traffic ticket in her whole life.

Her husband had moved to the U.S. from Jamica with a woman he claimed was his cousin, simone Dixon. Turns out it was his lover and he married Barbara only to recieve a green card.

Once he had it he knocked up his girlfriend and the happy couple continued to live in Barbaras home.In true Betty Broderick style, Barbara lost it. In a woman scorned fury she shot and killed her husband, shot the girlfriend and took the 4 month old baby daughter the two shared. She took the little girl to a parking area, covered her head with a jacket and shot her twice in the head.

While her crimes are hideous the judge and both sets of at…