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Ka Yang, Accused Of Microwaving Baby, Could Face Death Penalty

Ka Yang, Accused Of Microwaving Baby, Could Face Death PenaltyAs the story goes so far no one can tell why she did it other than a history of mental issues and seizures. She has other children, all under 7 years old, who were unharmed.Police arrived to find the baby severely burnt other than her pj’s and her hair then later found a pacifier in the microwave.She is claiming multiple personalities among other things but could very possibly face the death penalty because it is considered torture that resulted in murder.

Alyssa Bustamante's confession blocked and is allowed to be moved from jail

Judge blocks Bustamante's confession and allows her to be moved from jail : News : ConnectMidMissouri.comAmericas darling, Alyssa Bustamente- the 15 year old murderess who killed 9 year old Elizabeth Olten in 2009 is now 17. She went to court Monday and the judge allowed her confession to be blocked from trial on the grounds that she was coerced.A juvenile officer told her that she should tell the truth to her because she was a juvenile advocate and that juvenile facilities were for treatment only and not punishment.The judge also ruled that Alyssa be moved to an undisclosed location for testing although what sort of testing no one knows. Prosecution was not told where she would be moved as it would be a violation of her civil rights and she would not be able to receive a fair trial because prosecution would be able to figure out the defenses angle if they know.
What is Probation Good For Anyway?

The probation service is a community corrections function of the federal judiciary system that serves the United States district courts. Under this system offenders are allowed to pay for their crimes using a term of probation instead of a jail sentence. They may also be released from jail early to spend the remainder of their sentence under probation. Probation can be under direct supervision by a probation officer or unsupervised. Probation is offered to both adult and juvenile offenders. The probation service is in place to accomplish a set of aims and objectives. These objectives are accountability, safety, rehabilitation and reintegration.

The probation service strives to lead the probationer to become accountable for his or her actions. Often times an offender will blame family, friends and society for their crimes. Serving a probationary sentence helps him or her to realize that they must take responsibility for their own action…

Molly Jane Roe raped, killed boyfriend's 17-month-old baby girl, Maleeya Marie Murley: cops

Molly Jane Roe raped, killed boyfriend's 17-month-old baby girl, Maleeya Marie Murley: copsThis is a breaking news story about Molly Jane Roe who apparently raped and then threw her boyfriends daughter causing brain damage that resulted in death. This only happened the other day and so details are still vague but I cannot believe this case. I will be interested to see what her defense is. I wonder if she will deny the sexual abuse and perhaps put the blame on the baby’s father.