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Brenda Andrew's attorney during her trial for the murder of her husband,
George Joseph Miskovsky III, was charged with having sex with a young girl.
This wasn't especially hidden information. It was reported on here -> The surprising part is that there hasn't been much said about it in her appeals.
The actual charge was raping and sodomizing a 15-year-old girl in a Best Western Inn & Suites location in OK. He went to jail in 2008 but was release in 2009 serving only one year for a conviction of child prostitution. What I found really weird was the fact that he had forcible sex with this girl not once but twice; in the hotel and in his upscale home in Oklahoma and got only one year and yet the prostitute, Lorie Michelle Toney, who brought the girl to him, is serving a 10 year sentence. Ummmm.... HUH?! James Pavatt, Brenda Andrew's co-conspirator in the murder of her husband is also on death row with an exe…