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The first new woman on death row in 2012 will most likely be Virginian  Lorie Ann Taylor Keller of Fulks Run. She is charged in the 2009 murders of an entire West Virginia family after which she tried to convince her husband, Nakia Keller, to commit suicide in order to make it look like he was the one fully responsible. The family was that of her ex-husband, Chip Taylor, his wife and their 5 year old daughter. Court records show that Lorie asked the two children she shared with Chip to draw maps and diagrams of their fathers home. She traveled over state lines to commit the murder so she will be considered a federal case. The same is true of Angela Jonhson.  They are not seeking the death penalty against her husband. This is a bone of some contention among defense folks. The federal government has not executed a woman since 1953. States have executed 12 women since 1976, including Teresa Lewis in Virginia in 2010.

Did you know they have sales at Publix?

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker
Everyone knows that in this day and age everyone is out to save money. It is no secret that our country has been in a recession for the past year or so. So for the past year I have starting being a coupon and deal shopper. I will make my grocery list based on what I can find on sale that week. I will see something I want at a store but I won’t buy it then. I will wait until it goes on sale first. I have never ever been a bargain shopper until recently. So one day I was online at work looking up Internet providers by Zip Code for my new house which is located outside of town. While I was on there I noticed an ad for some sale items at Publix with a link back to their web site. It turns out that they have all of their sale and special items listed out on their web site now. I have decided I am going to start going online before I make my shopping list every week!
This episode of Wicked Attraction played today on I.D. I was impressed with how much actual footage of her they showed. They also showed many pictures that I hadn't seen before and that's always cool.
     I do write to Kelly but its been a while. She is hard to write to because she has a really short memory or at least a short attention span. She forgets what we've talked about from letter to letter. I sent her some stamp money a few months ago and she sent me a note back asking who I was. You'd think that us having the same first name would keep me fairly available in her memory banks. Not so much.
     Theres also the book by Lyn Riddle- First We'll Kill My Husband. Kelly and I spoke about this and she warned me not to read it if i was interested in unbiased truth. Most women with books written about them hate the books, with the exception of Cynthia Coffman who once told me she liked the physical description of herself in the book written about her and Ja…