Kerry Lyn Dalton- California Death Row

Kerry Lyn Dalton, her daughter and sister, Victoria.
 I pulled this photo from the Kerry Lyn Dalton blog ran by her sister. I just found it today and from what I can gather from the spotty posts Kerry was wrongfully convicted on little to no physical evidence and only some shaky testimony from a meth head doped up during the interview.
I do look forward to hearing more about her case. The blog is located Here.


  1. seriously doubt that!

  2. Yeah, before saying that it seems she was "wrongfully convicted," be responsible enough in your reporting to base your opinion on more than a advocacy blog site run by the inmate's sister!!!! Come on!

  3. If she killed someone with a hammer. The electric chair would be too nice.

  4. If she killed someone with a hammer. The electric chair would be too nice.

  5. MY LORD!! what kind of drug are you on!! saying she was wrongfully convicted... She should be taken out the same way she took that girl out!!
    she will ROT in HELL for eternity, she is pure evil..

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  8. please people, look at the evidence, oh wait, there is was based on hearsay evidence. the more I learn about this case the more it sickens me. recently there have been over 550 pages of testimony that DA Jeff Dusek "failed" to have as part of the trial, the San Diego police department had more than 30 prostitute informants killed the same year, I think until any of you making comments have both read the book or even know 1/10 of what i do about this case, please save yourselves the embarrassment of your mindless rhetoric on her guilt. in this country it is innocent until proven guilty, not fucked up the ass because we need a scapegoat

    1. thank you, luka! talk about being railroaded...this takes the cake.

  9. Currently reading the book Cages now written by her sister.

  10. I have heard the double speak from the sister. No body (mmm wonder why) confessed while on meth (meth makes you murder but not lie about it) and all these little loopholes. But no mention of any level of research to find the victim Irene. If they really and truly believe she is alive or lived after the murder, then prove that. THAT is all they have to do to get the case re-opened. Don't write your crappy books or do talk shows unless you do an active search to...what ever happened to Irene. I suggest the reason they don't search is because they know she doesn't exist.


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