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Oklahoma Mother, 18, Kills Intruder Breaking Into Her Home While on Phone With 911: ABCNEWS.COM - 911 operator told young mother she could not shoot until man entered her home.

Readers recommend books to me all the time. Lately the buzz among my readers has been a Kindle Single called Conjugal Visits. It is the story of a woman who falls for an inmate and begins visiting him.
I noticed how this tale has been hitting heart strings of many of the inmate wives and girlfriends I know from Prisontalk so I contacted the writer, Ms. Terry Towers who graciously agreed to give me an interview about Conugal Visits, it's impact on inmate wives and whats in store for the sequel.

How long have you been writing erotic romance?  I started writing erotic romance a couple of years ago. I started off ghostwriting for a couple of erotica companies as a freelance writer. Basically, they would send me a scenario and I would write a story based on what they wanted. It didn't take me long (especially when I started seeing my work under various names on the internet) to realize that it was time I write for me instead of others. I began writing for myself in Dec of 2010 and r…
Michael Ryan in Nebraska is so horrifying, I couldn't believe it. I accidentally found the information while surfing for info on the women on death row. I became interested because he sounded so much like Manson and the girls. he lived tucked away from society with a group that looked up to him and prepared along with him for an Armageddon that was to begin in the form of a race war.
Hello Charlie...
But check this out from Wikipedia:

 Ryan was arrested in 1982 after reports, and a criminal investigation indicated that he had abused and killed 5 year old Luke Stice, and later killed fellow member James Thimm, after he had tortured him for several days, beating him, forcing him to have sex with a goat, then skinning him alive and raping him with a shovel before finally beating him to death.[1] Ryan was tried, convicted and sentenced to death on 12 September 1985. Ryan claims to have been in direct contact with God and vowed to spend his days in prison rewriting the Bible, but since…

History Teacher

Thanks for the post from Rashad Townsend
My brother teaches history at our local community college. He just loves to talk about history all the time. I don’t know where he got that because there is no one else in our family that is the least bit interested in history. I was talking on the phone to my sister-in-law the other day, and she said that she can never watch television because my brother is always watching The History Channel on I told her that would absolutely drive me crazy. When my brother was a young boy growing up, he was always a little bit weird or nerdy. On the I.Q. test he scored at genius level so you know he was always really smart in every class in school. My mom told me that the counselors at school told her that he needed to learn how to fail at something so he could figure out how to deal with failure. So my mom then proceeded to sign him up for things that she knew he would not succeed in. The first thing she put him in was football. O…