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Christa's Escape Plan

My local news stations are reporting that Christa Pike had an escape plan in the works with two men helping her. One was a pen pal turned bf and the other a smitten prison guard.
Somebody turned rat and the authorities found out about it.
The two men were arrested and Christa will be reprimanded.

Lisa Montgomery wanted a baby so badly that she befriended a woman only to strangle and cut the baby from her. She kept the baby girl for several days and tried to pass her off as her own before being apprehended.
Is this a terrible tragedy? Hell yes, of course.
Should Lisa Montgomery be punished? Absolutely.
Does she belong on death row? No, and Ill tell you why.

Lisa was diagnosed with pseudocyesis- a condition wherein a woman's body exhibits signs of pregnancy to the point that she becomes convinced she is pregnant. From Wikipedia:
VS Ramachandran, the well known neuroscientist, appeared as an expert for the defense and testified that Montgomery suffered from severe pseudocyesis delusion. According to Dr. Ramachandran, Montgomery's childhood sexual abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder predisposed her to pseudocyesis. 

This alone is reason enough to understand why she exhibits violent behavior and why it is toward a pregnant female and why she took the baby.

I don't k…

Why Do People Become Serial Killers?

Guest Post from Sean Clarke There are differences between mass murderers and serial killers: o Mass murderers kill a number of people at one time and in one place. Mass murderers usually attack schools; universities and restaurants believing it to be a place for a maximum kill effect. They often die at the scene of the multiple slayings, either through suicide or police action. Only occasionally do they turn themselves into the police after the killings. o Serial killers on the other hand, murder one at a time and go to great lengths to avoid detection and apprehension. The US is believed to have the highest number of serial killers. Why do people become serial killers or mass murderers? Any problem can have causes either in one or more of the 3 dimensions, namely the physical, the psychological and the spiritual. Spiritual research has shown that the main root cause for a person to commit serial killing and mass murder lies in the spiritual realm. The breakdown of the reasons why a …