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Nicholas Tate

I touched on Nicholas Tate's odd case earlier this year. He murdered a woman and her 3 year old daughter. Although I am not sure we could call it remorse, he has refused to file his appeals saying "You caught me red-handed. My rights were not violated. I chose to waive any and all future appeals."

That didn't seem to really do much in the execution process however. He was scheduled for execution in January. Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty became concerned and voiced how important it is to the justice system in general that all inmates have their appeals process regardless of guilt because it safeguards the integrity of the whole system.

From the Deseret News:

According to court records, Nicholas Tate and two of his younger brothers, Dustin and Chad, purchased ammo, duct tape and knives at a local sporting goods store in December 2001 and then plotted to use the weapons to burglarize the home of Chrissie Williams, who they believed had a stash of drugs…

Bitches Lessons Learned From Death Row

I finally finished Bitches, a companion piece to this blog.
It was harder than I thought.
My relationship with the women on Pennsylvania death row was tenuous and I received several letters that were less than polite. I got a little worried for a minuet.
I never fully understood what made them get so upset and the fact that it just kept getting worse no matter what I did was a kick in the ass. I wanted to do something good and it kept blowing up in my face. A real letter bomb, so to speak.
I did put actual letters and the most up-to-date prison photos of the women I could obtain in this little piece.
You can find it at Barnes & Noble too.

Brenda Andrew- Oklahoma Death Row