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Virginia Christian First Woman Executed in Virginia

The first woman executed in the commonwealth of Virginia was a woman named Virginia Christian in 1912. She was also a child. She was also the only female juvenile executed by electric chair and, to date, the last female executed in the electric chair by the Commonwealth of Virginia until Virginia Lewis a few years ago. The records say she confessed to the murder of her employer, Mrs. Ida Virginia Belote.
Belote frequently mistreated Christian, and in mid- March 1912, an argument ensued between the two in which Belote accused Christian of stealing a locket and a skirt. Belote hit Christian with a cuspidor, commonly called a 'spittoon'. The altercation escalated when Christian and Belote ran for two broom handles Belote used to prop up her bedroom windows. Christian grabbed one of the broom handles and struck Belote on the forehead. In an attempt to stifle Belote’s screams, Christian stuffed a towel down Belote’s throat, and the woman died by suffocation. When Christian left the…