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Why would you write an inmate pen pal, and where would you start the correspondence with one?

Why Should I Even Consider Writing an Inmate? Many people are not aware of how dire the situation is in a relatively large part of the penitentiary institutions in the USA due in part to under funding and under staffed facilities. True, those incarcerated are there to do their time, pay their debt to society and that means each cell should be far from a hotel room with room service. 

It is prison and there are laws to say it must be humane but the cries that reach those who are listening, are horrid ones. People with severe psychological problems (Self-mutilation, schizophrenia) can be found among the regular inmate population, instead of receiving the proper mental and medical care. Besides this, sometimes the sewers overflow, leaving a big health hazard on whole ranges. Rodents can and do come up via the toilets and on more than one occasion, people have perished while in "The Hole", which is prison slang for solitary confinement. 
There are alarm buttons, should there be an e…

Gary C King- True Crime BlogTour

Gary C King will be joining us on the blog tour next week.
You may recognize him from his many television appearances detailing the details of his books.You will most definetly recognize him from his titles, including my favorite, Driven to Kill, the story of serial child killer Westley Allan Dodd.
His other titles include Web of deceit, Blind Rage, Savage Vengeance, An Early Grave, The Texas 7, Murder in Hollywood, Agels of Death, and Stolen in the Night among others.
Mr.King will guesting posting here next week as well as on several other author blogs during the True Crime book tour beginning July 23rd here at The Woman Condemned.  Stay tuned.